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Hiding their inner – most secrets

A Ferrari

Do you remember in Superman III, ‘Gus’ Gorman (Richard Prior) robs his employer using his computer terminal and then turns up for work the next day in a Ferrari. It was a bit of a giveaway wasn’t it? If you’ve done something wrong, you want to hide it. Right? The worse your crime is, the more you want to hide your inner secret. Right? Especially, if you’re a pervert…

Should we be shocked this week that a well known personality has been accused of being a pervert and abusing children? He did charity work, ‘fixed’ things for children (in more ways than one) and came across as a goody-goody to many people. He even got a knighthood. It seems his behaviour hid an innermost secret. Why didn’t anyone listen to the rumours? Why didn’t anyone speak up? How can someone get into a position of power and no one speak up against them?

Who do we have in positions of power now, doing the same thing. Behaving in the exact opposite way to what we might expect? Does their behaviour betray them in some way? Do they tend to be over confident, revel in their ability to ‘get away with it’?

Can we draw parallels to the reports of drug taking in the Tour de France over many years. They seemed over-confident and revelled in their success and ability to ‘get away with it’.  Can we learn anything from the behaviour patterns that we see? How about politicians? They seem to be over-confident when they have something to hide too. It always seems to be the extrovert, larger than life ones that end up on the front page of a seedy tabloid embroiled in some scandal.

Over the years, I have seen many people in public life that seem overly extrovert and confident. Then years later they are exposed as liars, cheats and perverts. It makes me wonder about the ones who are never found out. Who are they and how can they be identified and exposed? When there is a hint that there is something not quite right, should there be a discrete investigation? I think there should be some questions asked if there are rumours, indications or whatever that they might be breaking the law.

In some cases the media is accused of invading privacy when they chase politicians or celebrities that are suspected of not breaking the law, but of doing something that most people would perceive as morally wrong. Should they have a right to privacy if they hold powerful public office? We should at least have the right to ask questions about their behaviour publicly.

So who is currently flaunting it? Maybe not turning up for work in a Ferrari, but behaving in an over-confident and cavalier way. Who thinks they are in such a position of power that they won’t be challenged? Who is rich enough to behave how they please, regardless of who gets hurt? There are rules in society, not only laws, but our behaviour is deemed unacceptable if it’s immoral. Can anyone be above the law and ignore all the rules of decent behaviour? Some people think they are above the law and can behave how they like.

We cannot allow the media to tap phones and behave in a way, but we can hope that they will monitor the behaviour of people in positions of power and report irregularities. The BBC has a powerful position and leads the media in many ways; but it does seem to have failed and allowed a cover up when it suited people at the top.

I hope today’s blog will make you ask some questions about people in the media. The celebrities, politicians and others in positions of power. Are they all that they seem?

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