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High street

Even the government has recognised that we need to breathe new life into the nation’s High Street and promote town centres. They do pay business rates and a little local support would help more cash to flow through the local economy and a little less would go to the globalised economy that is dominated by the multi-nationals.


I’m trying to do my bit with a few words and pictures in support of my local town centre. So far we haven’t been invaded by Starbucks and the gentrification of some town centres hasn’t reached us yet. There is a pizza place but that is hardly the beginnings of gentrification.

High street

We actually have Upper High Street which has my favourite sweet shop, Teddy Gray’s but not that much else to shout about. I didn’t actually photograph that, there were too many cars spoiling the view. There always is, even on a Sunday. Where are all the owners? In the pub?

The Market Place

Wednesbury market place

This is the market place, dominated by the town clock. The market is no longer held there much to the dismay of many residents. I might wander around the market and photograph that one of the days. It doesn’t really inspire shoppers. The market traders don’t make much of an effort to make it inviting either, but who can blame them?


This is a shot across the town from the top of Holloway Bank. I was standing on the bridge across the Tame Valley canal. You can see St Bartholomew’s church high on the hill overlooking the town centre.

The High street of small towns like this used to be the centre of the community supported by other community resources like pubs and schools. The heart seems to be ripped out of the communities now. People stay in touch with their community through Facebook these days.

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