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Higher aspirations #life

Higher aspirations

We have heard a lot about aspirations in the past few years from the government. Remember the ‘Big Society’ idea that was meant to promote a new kind of civil society based on capitalist ideas. We did see a few Community Interest Companies spring up but that was about all. The higher aspirations that are most talked about are concerned with aspiring to a higher income level and social class.

Civil society

Can’t we aspire to a better civil society and a society that not only cares more but a programme of individual improvement in values and social skills? Social skills mean being nice to people. While I don’t want every shop assistant saying ’have a nice day’ in a monotone, we can at least teach and train young people to have a pleasant and helpful attitude to others and to be courteous. Can we teach old-fashioned polite behaviour? If we sell it as a way of getting on in life, then we probably can.

Cricket isn’t football

Higher aspirations could even involve sport. Cricket seems far more civilised than football. You don’t usually get yobbish behaviour at a cricket match. Even rugby seems more civilised than soccer. Can’t we aspire to something more civilised than chanting and getting drunk on cheap lager?

Music and Art

Music and art seem to symbolise culture and the higher aspirations of man. It isn’t really made available to the masses but seems to be for a gentrified clique.  The funding bodies like the Arts Council aren’t really interested in art for all. Can’t we have open art exhibitions to encourage people to become involved in the arts? Most of the BBC Proms is devoted to the culture snobs and the ‘ordinary folk’ only get a look in with some popular music on the last night so they can sing along with Land of Hope and Glory. Can’t we have higher aspirations for all in music and art?

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