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Hitting the jackpot #investments

Some companies on the AIM market lose money for years and while they develop a new product or explore for oil. When there is progress the share price can soar but the prudent investor should invest less in this high risk companies and so it doesn’t usually mean fortunes are made. It is still quite exciting when share prices soar on good news, though and it is a little like hitting the jackpot.  That was the case this week when Immupharma soared by 25p following the end of a pivotal trial of its lupus drug.  To add to shareholder confidence, a major investor has decided to continue supporting the company.

Hitting the jackpot


The share price climbed steadily last week from 48 to 58.5 and then soared on Monday to 83.5 and then came the inevitable profit taking and it dropped back to 77.25 but this morning the spread is around 5% which is higher than usual. I bought at 51p so I’m over 50% up and expecting either a takeover bid or the company will get permission to produce and market the new drug. This could be a great investment in the long-term too.

Verona Pharma

Verona Pharma is in a very similar position and it is maybe a stronger company. I have seen their share price more than double compared to what it is now so there is at least 100% upside possible. The share price is fairly stable and gained just 2p this week. Some good news from the trials and it could soar to new heights as well.

Solo Oil

Solo Oil is invested in oil and gas discoveries but it is a very similar situation to developing new drugs. Every time there is good news the share price tends to soar but in Solo’s case it tends to drop back too. We are once again waiting for good news from both the investments in the UK and Tanzania. In March the price went to 17.7 and today it is 5.25 and so on better news we could see it soar to 20p or more. The Chairman did say 20p by the end of the year.


ITV have made some progress in the past two weeks gaining 10p a share while Carillion continues to struggle. I am also worried about the AA that went ex-dividend this week. The AA, like Carillion can’t afford to pay a dividend this year, that cash should have gone into investing for growth. The AA put my car insurance up 25% this year so I swapped to Saga. I know many people won’t bother but the AA can’t keep pushing up premiums like that. Also in the FTSE 250, Debenhams continues to struggle. I suspect they might be the subject of a bid before long. Premier Foods also lost some ground this week but they are bringing out some new products. I wish they would do something with Mr Kipling. They really need to be made bigger with new packaging and new marketing.

Looking overseas

The pound dropped like a brick after the Brexit vote but I decided to keep a record of the movements in the pound and this week I started following the share price of a well-known US company. On my spreadsheet, the share price is in US dollars and then it is converted into GBP. The price in pounds depends on not just the share price movement but the exchange rate too. This week the share price went up a little and the pound dropped and so there was a big price movement in terms of pounds sterling.


That’s it for this week. Maybe this weekend I’ll get that jackpot on the lottery that really would be hitting the jackpot! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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