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Honesty is the best policy #life

I’m not a Guardian-style writer, I don’t use long words to impress my editor. I am the editor! I try to appeal to as many people as I can and write in what I think is an easy to read style. It has come to my attention that I have been mentioned on another blog by one, Julian Saunders who refers to himself as ‘The Sandwell Skidder’. He is a troll of the first order. He uses name calling and innuendo to try to damage the reputations of honest people. He has used innuendo to try to make out I was involved in seedy practices when I helped with the Wednesbury Business Improvement District initiative. As always, I was an unpaid volunteer doing social media management, graphic design and photography. I did speak to some traders and tried to explain the BID initiative as honestly as I could. Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the best policy


I didn’t promises traders anything. I just explained the intentions of the BID and we talked a lot about events. When the initiative failed, did I give up? No, I kept the social media channels going and I have met with organisations who do events so that in the event of a BID being successful I will be in a position to initiate some form of collaboration. I hope, for example, to be involved in next year’s Blast Photography Festival which trolls have tried to rubbish but which, in fact, has attracted some internationally renowned photographers to Sandwell. I also went to look at an event that the YMCA and BC Touring did last week, called ‘Life’s a Beach’. The event itself needed improving and the publicity needs a lot of improvement but the basic idea was good and worth repeating in the future.


Anyway, perhaps if Mr Saunders reads my blog, as I have his, he might learn something about writing. Do not libel people, do not name call and try to become an authoritative source of information. When you have finished writing your post which should be an optimal length of 300 – 600 words, then you proofread it for mistakes and make it Google search friendly! Honesty is also a good policy when writing a blog post. You should also check the facts. The distance between Wednesbury and Oldbury (Lion Farm) is about 6.9 miles and a new shopping centre in Oldbury won’t be a direct competition with Wednesbury.

Honesty is the best policy

Yes, honesty is the best policy. I found lots of blatant untruths in Mr Saunders post about Wednesbury BID (as well as other ramblings). The number of councillors involved in the BID, for example, he doubled. There were actually only three councillors involved. The police sent representatives, not always the same one. They were there in an advisory role because security was an issue. Council staff from the library were also there and they are very helpful when we want to arrange an event, not only hosting events but helping to publicise them. The BID wouldn’t have much money and so collaboration with others would be vital to success.

I shall continue doing local history, social media management and photography and ignore the trolls.

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