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How retail design can boost your business


By Fairy Dharawat

Wikipedia defines retail design as “Retail design is a creative and commercial discipline that combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space”

In simple words retail design is using specialized practice of architecture and interior design, to stock and sell products in an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience for shoppers.

Why you should know:

If you are an aspiring business fan, then you should know about retail design as learning retail design will help you with push up sales.

You can either hire a retail designer or you can do it as per your liking, business needs and with the available space you have. Retail design is about representing the product and merchandising in the right light in order to make sale. Create a background for your store that targets the right group of consumers. Think gothic, comic book store, chocolate candy store or ice cream parlour. All these stores have different architecture and interior design and all of them have elements that are target friendly audience for their stores.

For a family restaurant, you will have bright lights, for a Goth store with all merchandising of gothic products will possibly have darker shade preferred for their store. Depending on the industry the retail design shapes up the whole identity of the store which can also be an extension of branding. <

Role of retail design

Design doesn’t mean just to look good, design also means functionality. Retail design is more than a design and more about what a store should look like. It is not only about looking beautiful, but also about possessing an efficient design – which has ability to turning shoppers in to consumers.


You know when you say franchisee stores – McDonald’s pops into your head. These stores have used branding on their stores to harbour familiarity in their retail food chains. There is little individuality. Walk in to any retail food chain of McDonald’s and the ambiance design is almost the same. So retail design also helps in building familiarity with consumers and shoppers. This works very well with franchisee owners as consumers are not only aware about the standardized product that they will be receiving, but they also know that they can trust the brand; hence what we get is a loyal customer.


Retail Design also helps in advertising various merchandising. If you are planning to open a multi brand store then there comes the decision of shelving and stocking which brand at which location. This ensures visibility and advertising. Not to mention in store bill board which can actually helps shoppers know about any new launches taking place or bring awareness about the product. This entire decision making comes under retail design.

Why you should

Shoppers need to shop at a place which is not only hassle-free, but enjoyable. Take a look at all multi brand stores and franchisee stores. The reason shoppers come is because they like the ambience of the store. Shoppers love to hang out in the store. If shoppers love to come to your store that means, you are doing something right. It is a matter of time before the shopper turns to consumer. First determine which business you are planning. Then decide how best you can utilize the spaces of your store in the most effective way. Decide which format can be designed in a way that promotes an enjoyable shopping experience for your shoppers.


Retail design is about designing the interior of your store to make the best use of space and to display you products to best advantage. Those at eye level for example will catch the customers eye the best. At the end of aisles you have a key selling space and that should be used to best advantage. Entrances and exits should be kept clear; irritating your customers makes them less likely to buy. The store should have the right ambience; try to get the shopper in the right frame of mind. The décor might be quite cheery and frivolous to encourage a frivolous attitude to spending money. It should be planned and designed with practicalities in mind, with restocking shelves in mind and make it appeal to different people. Some people are tall, while others are short. What can be put up high to appeal to the taller man? What can be put quite low down near the checkout that will appeal to small children? Will unobtrusive background music in your store add to the ambience?

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