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How time flies #ramble #photography

I photographed a pageant princess, Libby Rose, the other day. It seems incredible to me that she was born in this century and has no memories of the 20th century. When I was helping students with their studies I would sometimes ask their date of birth and it would be 1990 and that would seem like yesterday to me. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Libby Rose - time flies

I shall have this picture printed. I’ve become quite popular as a photographer and some people seem envious. I think I’ve given them something to envy with this picture. Time flies doesn’t it and we get worn out as we get older. I couldn’t crouch down for this shot with my arthritis and dodgy joints. I had a hip replacement in 2003, around the time Libby Rose was born!


There are some young ladies in China that think I’m old and wise, so there are advantages to being able to remember Kennedy getting assassinated  and wartime identity cards. My friend in Hong Kong sent me a picture of her dinner the other day, it was lotus roots and yellow rice. I’m interested in Chinese culture, in fact, I’m interested in everything.


I’m not really a royalist but I liked that drama series Victoria because I like all things, Victorian. I’ve been a fan of Charles Dickens’ works since I was at school. I think Libby Rose has Great Expectations and people who are older and wiser, like me, have a duty to help make that happen. Time flies and before she knows it her young days will be gone and she will look at this photo and remember. Hopefully, she will have happy memories.

Time flies

Time flies and so enjoy today because today will never be repeated. I’m going to a Halloween Charity event for Sam’s Dream and will take some scary photos. Sam was born in 2011, that really was yesterday!

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