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Community photography

How to be a photographer #photography #art

I taught myself photography but I would advise any young person who wants to be a photographer to do a course at a college. If only to learn Photoshop! Learning how to compose photographs, all the camera settings and understanding light can be difficult to learn. For older people, buying a camera and teaching yourself can be a challenge and make life interesting. You also attain a new awareness of your surroundings if you take up landscape photography. How to be a photographer? The first step is to decide you want to be one!

How to be a photographer

The art of photography

I see photography as an art and so I like to experiment with pictures. I also see photography as a way of recording the present. I curate old photographs as an admin of the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and I hope some of my photographs will survive to be enjoyed by future generations.

Community photography

Community photography is about photographing charity events, the carnival and publicising what is going on in the community. You don’t need a professional camera but an entry level DSLR will get you quite good pictures and so too will a compact system camera. I prefer a DSLR and I bought a Nikon D3200 in 2013 which served me well until 2019 when I upgraded to a Nikon D750. That gave me all the advantages of a full-frame camera especially in low light.

How to be a photographer

You don’t instantly become a photographer. Maybe the point at which people see you as a photographer is when they think your photographs are of a professional standard. I have a name badge with community photographer on it which I think helps! It is the difference between being seen as an amateur and a professional. I don’t describe myself as a professional because I don’t get paid and don’t do things like weddings. I would do product photography and event photography if anyone offered to pay me, though. Enjoying doing photography is important in my view.


Acceptance is part of being a photographer. I get asked to photograph community events and I have also been accepted by the photography community and made friends with other photographers. Being involved in last year’s arts festival and organising the photography competition was part of that. You need to become involved which was difficult because I have disabilities.

Finally, no one is going to come up to you and ask if you want to be a photographer. You have to make the decision that you want to learn the craft and then get on and do it!

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