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I went out yesterday to take photographs in the sunshine and do some shopping. Things didn’t go to plan. The shopping wasn’t too bad, although I made mistakes and bought a couple of items I didn’t need. I messed up the photography too, but in the end I took a few pictures of the trams.

We can change our minds as we are experiencing things. I had the wrong settings on my camera and so I took the time to stop and think, sort things out and take a few pictures in the sunshine.

Besides improvising as we go along, we can also plan. We might decide to plan before taking a journey. We can think about it, look at maps and we rehearse the journey in our minds. This is worrying when we are anxious about things, but it helps us cope with the experience better. People who tell us not to worry are the people who can improvise more easily. We are all different. I plan and improvise and so avoid a lot of stress.

Today, I have a short journey, but I don’t want to be stuck in traffic. I’ve thought about it and I have a number of different routes I can take to avoid the traffic. Parking the car is going to be expensive, so I don’t want to be early. The appointment is for an x-ray, so I don’t want to be late. The appointment is more important than the cost of parking, so I will try to be a little early.

We often have to dress for an important occasion and in this case, I have decided to wear clothes with no zippers, so I can just have the x-ray without changing into anything else. It’s the same with an important night out, we might want to dress to impress and that takes a little thought and planning. If we’re nervous, it can be harder to think totally logically, but we have to consider what is the most important thing we are thinking about. In my case today, it’s arriving on time and having the x-ray, everything else is secondary.

I do have other things to do today, but again they are secondary and I have enough time to think about those later and I can always improvise if things don’t go to plan. So if we worry too much we can just plan instead and improvise.

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