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How to develop in the 21st century

Forge Mill Lake

I have been a little reclusive just lately. I thought about this and decided I needed to go out and do things. I needed to get some exercise, but also exercise my brain. I went to an art gallery yesterday and looked at modern art and some more classical art. I planned to do some shopping after that, but there was crowds and so I ended up taking photographs. This one is of Forge Mill Lake.

I got some exercise and not only got the blood pumping around, but exercised the brain a little too. Now, I’m using one of the photos and writing about it! They say doing research, staying interested in things and continuing to learn will help me to maintain cognitive function. In other words, stop me going senile.

When I was driving yesterday, I had to pull out onto a very busy road. Rather than slow the traffic down, I sped away quickly when I saw a gap in the traffic. I had a turning coming up and slowed looking for it. I found it difficult because the car behind me was tailgating. That is one thing that annoys most motorists. I nearly missed my turning because I was distracted. I ended up pulling in without signalling and annoyed the driver of the car behind me. Strangely, he blasted his horn as he drove past. This was signifying his annoyance, but it was his actions that led to my mistake. We often get angry on the roads and the way to deal with that anger is to admit when we are wrong and also to try to understand and empathise with others. People who use their horns improperly annoy me because they are to get the attention of other drivers, not to vent you anger. They often distract me and are used by people who can’t control their anger on the roads.

People who can’t control their anger often don’t even try to understand why people behave the way they do. I get annoyed when drivers indicate at the last possible moment, but they are taught to do that when they learn to drive. The instructors who teach them are probably following some guideline set by government in writing and the guideline wasn’t very well written and so was misunderstood. So I get annoyed because people signal too late, it’s no one’s fault; just a misunderstanding. There is no need for me to get angry about it.

There are many other things that can make us annoyed and the apparent stupidity of others impacting on our lives must be top of the list. People can be thoughtless and not care about others. We have to get in a habit of being thoughtful and recognise the psychological rewards for doing so. One thing that annoys motorists is when they are courteous and the other driver doesn’t signal some appreciation. So people like to be appreciated! I sometimes get strange looks if I am courteous on the roads or hold a door open for people. I think it’s strange to people who have yet to learn the value of good manners.

In every culture, there is a code of conduct. We can break that code or at least push it to the limit, sometimes. Break conventions all the time and you’re seen as being uncouth and ignorant. Some politicians break conventions in order to attract attention and get themselves a reputation, usually a bad reputation for being arrogant and narcissistic. Such bad behaviour can even  signify psychopathic tendencies and lead to a lot of distrust.

This is the twenty-first century and standards change. What is acceptable behaviour in the 21st century. Many people complain that standards are dropping and that everything is being dumbed down. Profanity appears to be the norm and there is a tendency towards what can appear to be very primitive behaviour.  Sex and violence seems to dominate in the media for example. Perhaps it’s because the less acceptable members of society are the ones in the media, making television programmes and movies. They are likely to be more outgoing and not the polite, well-behaved types that tend to complain about standards dropping.

We can boost our brain power by continuing to learn, but also continuing to develop as people. We can develop and learn to do things collectively and get on well with people. We can learn the more complicated rules of behaviour and interaction. We can learn to interact using modern technology and use the internet to interact. We can learn to interact with different types of people, different age groups and different cultures.

We can learn and we can develop as people.

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