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How to get a great promotional idea

A Guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

If you have read my posts until now, you must have noticed that I insist on doing something novel and imaginative for business. It is only through new, trendy and interesting promotional activities, that we can connect to a shopper. For a shopper to really get involved, they need to be engaged and entertained. I also mentioned that the activity need not be expensive. Now could this be possible? I say, yes.

This can be done though some innovative and economical ideas for your business. I did some research on ideas. Great ideas don’t visit you in your leisure time; your mind needs to be trained to deal with many not so great ideas which can potentially wreck you and your business. But you have to weigh in the pros and cons. If you are a business owner you know the rules; the road was never easy. Budding business people listen up, the road is not easy, but it can be interesting, very interesting.

Ideas are not expensive. Mike covers a very interesting subject; frugal living, which made me think that there, should be a way to do something new. Maybe a new initiative that is different, but not too expensive? Ideas are a great way to take your business to great heights, but bad ideas also take your business to great lows.

Well I honestly do not know what newness your business needs, but let me give you a very interesting promotional activity that resulted in huge profits. In the year 2009 Oasis, a music band from England, taught New York City street musicians how to play the songs on their latest album Dig Out Your Soul in a very unique album-promotion stunt.

The musicians then played the songs at several New York City subway stations before the album was released in America, thus providing the first public airing of the material in America. The results form the core of a black-and-white 18-minute mini-documentary, Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets, that was shot by The Malloys (who also have done several videos for The White Stripes).

What else do you need? The album went on to sell around five million copies worldwide!

Give your ideas wings and see how high you soar, take risks, business thrives on risks. This promotional activity was definitely light on pockets, but it went on to create a stir. Imagine the coverage these people must have received. Choosing right location of subway trains resulted in maximum coverage. They also must have received printed advertisements for their novel approach and initiative, along with a documentary that received good reviews. The documentary is quite interesting; you should have a look at it.

Now I am not telling you to go out the subway station and promote your stores, though that may bear good results. What I am trying to point out that, there is a way to do new and interesting stuff that won’t give you a huge hole in your pocket. Think about it.

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