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How to have great ideas? #ramble

How do you have train your mind to have great ideas? How do you make life interesting? Tony Highfield, our local historian was telling me about all the awards he has won and how he gets involved in the community. He compiles books, researches history and gets involved and he said that is why we are different. We take a risk and risk the ridicule if things go wrong. We don’t sit at home thinking about it and talking about it, we get out there and take a risk. This inspires our thinking and we even take risks in the way that we think. We imagine and then we try to make it happen. There are people who can’t do anything without lots of support and when it all goes wrong they blame someone else. You have to be brave enough to try new ideas but you also have to be brave enough to accept the blame if it all goes wrong.

having great ideas

Great Ideas

I think Tony used the phrase, “putting it out there” yesterday. I think that means expressing an opinion or offering yourself out to the public for possible ridicule. We put ourselves on offer by getting involved and taking that risk. We collect lots of new knowledge and information as we do that and it leads to great ideas. Being willing to think differently from other people is also a risk. Thinking outside the box is recognising the confines of traditional thinking and trying to think laterally. It is risking getting nowhere by going off on tangents.

On my mind

Anyway, I usually tell you what’s on my mind on a Sunday morning. I am trying to consider new ideas while being grounded in familiarity. I’m not really interested in sport but I think I might photograph a cricket match this afternoon. That might seem boring and risk-free to you but the thought of a cricket ball coming towards me when I have a 300 mm lens on my camera is quite a scary one. Will this photographic outing inspire some great ideas? Yes, it probably will because it is different to what I usually do on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve been unwell recently and walking the length of the cricket pitch could be a problem so I have to keep my options open. I might not even get a parking space. I can always take my pictures from the car park end but it would be nice to go in the pavilion. Cricket is so very English and relaxed, isn’t it?


It is easier to do things with your friends who give you support but photography is a lonely pursuit and so you take a risk. You are less likely to encounter opposition or criticism if you have support from family or friends. Doing things alone can also be more stressful.  You think more when you’re alone as well and you need to think to have great ideas. You can even be alone in a crowd. I am thinking constantly in crowds about my composition, camera settings and assessing how much light I have to try to get great photos. Great ideas really do come from thinking too much and so does stress.

Stress makes you anxious and that can make health problems worse. How do you chill? Well, I’m going to watch a nice relaxing cricket match today!

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