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Every day I start my blog with a photograph, it’s part of the site’s image. Websites have an image, businesses have an image, products have an image and people have an image. If you have a good image, then you are likely to be more successful in life. Your image sends out a message to other people.

People get a first impression of you by looking at you and so your appearance makes a difference. If you ride a motorcycle and wear black leather, your image is going to be very different from a little girl wearing a pink dress! Even subtle differences in appearance are important. This is why people have accessories to their clothing. Jewellery can send out a message and can make you look wealthy and successful or can send out a message that says you have no taste! The colours of clothes sends out a message. We pick dark clothes when we are unhappy, they are sombre and so we wear black at funerals.  We wear bright clothes in summer and on holiday. Choosing light coloured clothing that is not too garish, sends out a fairly positive and relaxed message. Demin is popular, but there are many different shades and the lighter ones are more acceptable. People notice everything about you, it is often on a subconscious level. These are first impressions, their opinions change as they get to know you.

Why does their opinion change as they spend more time with you? They are observing your behaviour, rather than the way you look. They are largely ignore the way you look, after a while. They know what you look like and although they are likely to notice any change in your appearance, they are more interested in what you do and say, than what you look like.

In an experiment, a while ago, a librarian was told to touch people coming to take books out of the library, it was only a fleeting touch, hardly noticeable; but it had a dramatic affect. People were asked about the librarian and they said she was friendly, attractive and that she smiled. She didn’t smile, that gentle touch changed people’s perceptions and create a positive image. Their imaginations did the rest.

People jump to conclusions, they will think you are wealthy and successful if you wear expensive jewellery. The same applies to other luxuries. This is why people live in expensive houses and drive luxury cars to send out a message of success. Some people appear to be far more successful than they really are, simply because of their choice of clothes and accessories. Even the choice of mobile phone now is an accessory that says something about the user.

We now have an online image too and people want to make their Facebook timeline look good and present an image that says success! There is a Facebook badge in the sidebar if you want to check out my timeline! I use lots of pictures, links to my blogs, videos and other links.

You can be too image conscious  or go over the top with the message you’re trying to convey. If you’re trying to present a formal image, you might look too formal and intimidating. In an office environment, you might look too casual and people don’t take you seriously enough. If you buy and wear cheap jewellery, it might be regarded as ‘bling’.

Most people have their prejudices and in the UK people are judged in a negative way if they appear to be from a different class, being of a different race or culture also affects the first impression that people have of you. However, these are first impressions and it is the lasting impression that is important. I remember seeing a huge and really ugly gorilla picking up a small bird from water to save it from drowning. That gorilla changed people’s perceptions of it, with that simple gesture. He went from being a big ugly gorilla to a gentle giant.

You can also change your image so it is appropriate to different occasions. We all do that, we dress differently for special occasions. We dress up for a wedding and dress sombre and serious for a funeral. Subtle changes to your dress can have dramatic affects on how people initially perceive you. Subtle changes to your behaviour can have a dramatic affect on what people will think of you. One kind act can have a positive affect, one cruel act will have a negative affect and both will be remembered for a long time.

Just being aware of your image, but not obsessed with it, will help improve you chances of success in life. There are more amazing blogs on the home page. What do you think? Do you really care about your image? Please comment and let me know.

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