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How to make a start on changing our way of life. #life

We need to change the way we live as a society. The activists of the Extinction Rebellion keep telling us that but they are young and don’t know how to change society. First of all, we need to make walking, cool. Maybe instead of advertising Addidas and Nike trainers as cool fashion accessories, we can promote them as cool accessories for walking. Our young people are mostly over-weight and need exercise. I know many of them go to the gym but mommy drives them there and to school and just about everywhere else.
way of life

Their first car

Young people will walk to the nearest public transport or even ride a bike if that gets them away from parents and they can have fun with friends. They are not intrinsically idle. However, when they become old enough to drive they want to learn and are excited by the advertising for cars, the Top Gear shows and the fast car movies. Could be possibly encourage them to save their money for something else? Tiered interest rates that gave young people a higher interest rate on the first £10,000 of their savings might encourage them to save for a deposit on something that appreciates in value rather than depreciates in value.

Housing problem

Yes, this idea could solve Britain’s housing problem as young people save to become property owners and builders build to satisfy that demand. It might even create jobs, after all they will need bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians to do the building. Instead of thinking about their first car they might think about their first apartment.

Our way of life

How about the disabled and older people? How would our way of life change. Well we would at least have fewer cars on the road and less congestion. Even healthy middle aged people might be persuaded to cut down the number of cars they have. Married couples might decide to share a car. We oldies will continue to go about our business when we have to and drive something far less polluting than the average boy-racer. It would be easier to get a parking space too!

Simple ideas

Simple ideas are often the best ones. We need that video chat thing to catch on too. Instead of travelling miles to go to a meeting we need video chats meetings to be commonplace. MP’s should be able to watch debates by watching the telly in their office or home and vote with a press of the button not by walking through a lobby. They need to stop shouting at each other too and behave honourably. It is a simple idea but it could work. Stop behaving like bloody children! We can change our way of life but change should start at the top!

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