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How to take professional pictures #photography

I’ve been taking pictures with my Nikon D3200 since 2013 and I have been quite pleased with it but we have the Blast! Festival of photography this year and I want to take professional pictures for that. The Nikon D3200 is a cropped sensor DX camera and I needed a full frame FX camera. I also had to decide on a lens. The DX lenses will fit on my new FX camera. I have tried a 35mm DX lens prime lens and it takes great pictures but I wanted to do something a bit different. I like taking candid shots of people and decided on a 28 – 300 mm zoom lens which will allow me to zoom in and take quite professional pictures with a shallow depth of field.

professional pictures

Low light

I went out on Sunday and shot some pictures in low light and there is a big difference compared to the DX camera. The pixels are twice as big on a full frame and so capture twice as much light. I can see a lot more detail in parts of the image that are in shadow.

professional pictures

Ice eating rat

My images of a rat eating ice from my bird bath were popular on social media. The reach of the 28 – 300 mm lens combined with the ability to crop my image gives me a good close-up even with a small subject. I usually have the camera set to a large image which gives me a picture 6000 x 4000 pixels. This can be cropped substantially and still give a good image.

Professional pictures

This new camera has a few tricks that can improve my images even further. I haven’t figured out how to use the automatic bracketing but that basically takes several images with different settings and then you can pick the best out of that set. The camera also does HDR (high dynamic range). I’m not a great fan of HDR but I will try it for pictures of buildings. I obviously want to take professional pictures for my own satisfaction but I am considering this year’s art project too. There will be a competition and the theme is ‘all the fun of the fair’. If I enter a picture, it will be exhibited for a while but I don’t intend to spend money on that competition. I might have an image printed as a gallery print because another gallery will publicise and sell my picture for me. I just have to decide on what to photograph for that gallery print. It must be an exceptional image and that is another reason I’m improving my skills so I can take professional pictures. Overall, I think this could be an interesting year!

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The following images were all taken with the Nikon D3200:

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