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How to take sharper pictures. #photography #art

We all want sharper pictures. Blurred images are the biggest problem people have with photography. Photographs are images made up of light and dark and if you zoom in on an image, the line between light and dark is often fuzzy or completely blurred. I zoom in and sometimes use software to make that line more defined. I took a photo of the Fountain Inn in Tipton again on Sunday. I wanted good composition but I also wanted the image to be as sharp as possible.

sharper pictures

Art Card

This is the picture I want to use for an art card and I think it is about as sharp as I’m going to get it. I did a bit of research to see what composition would be popular. I would prefer more depth to the picture but most people just want a good close up picture of the pub so that’s what they’ll get! If you use a single focus point and try to get your focus point on a subject some distance away it moves around a lot. The more we zoom in the worse the camera shake is. It is important to get close to our subject then and hold the camera steady.


I was a little shaky because I stooped down to make the building more imposing. My shutter speed was around 1/500 of a second, fast enough to freeze any movement. Of course, on aperture priority, the shutter speed gets faster with more light and I was fortunate that the sun broke through the clouds as I took this shot and my shutter speed shot up to 1/2500 of a second at f/3.5. I took some shots at f/8 but I think the wide aperture is better and gave me a few pin sharp shots. A shallow depth of field is quite suitable for most buildings.

Sharper pictures

To get sharper pictures you need a fast shutter speed and you can get that with a wider aperture on aperture priority or shoot on shutter speed priority. Set your shutter speed to a setting that is at least 1/100 of a second or the inverse of your focal length. I was close to the pub and this was shot at 28mm and so 1/100 of a second would have been fine. It can be useful when there is traffic and vibration and you have more camera shake to shoot even faster and I went for 1/500 of a second and ended up with 1/2500 when the sun broke through. If you don’t have enough light then you crank up the ISO to get that fast shutter speed and sharper pictures. In some situations, there will be a trade-off between shaper pictures and noisy pictures when the ISO is on the higher settings.

Pie Factory

I need to sell some more of my Wednesbury art cards now to fund the printing costs of ones for Tipton. I have all summer to try to get another picture and I think that will be Mad O’Rourke’s Pie factory. I think I’ll use the 28 – 300 lens again and zoom in close. I am planning on using my 35mm prime more this summer though. It’s much lighter and the images are good especially on the wider apertures.

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