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Sometimes you just have to be in the mood to write. On a Wednesday, I write about writing. I have written one blog this morning on my WordPress blog about how to write a novel. I didn’t think that was very good, but I see well paid writers who churn out really poorly written stuff and they only have to write one article a week. I’m writing several everyday. I don’t take a day off if I’m not in the mood and I even wrote blogs on Christmas Day.

If you are really stuck, you do need inspiration. I have found inspiration in lots of different things. I read a paper by a student that basically said that smart animals dream and stupid animals don’t. I thought about this a little and turned it into a a comedy blog. I applied the same reasoning to humans, the smart ones dream and the stupid ones don’t; they are the dreamless ones. I was writing blogs about the dreamless ones for months afterwards.

I was also inspired by the movie, The Island with Scarlett Johansson, she was in Girl with a Pearl Earring too.   Anyway, in The Island they escape from a clone making facility in the desert through the ventilation shafts. It was a futuristic building and that fired my imagination  the next day, when I found myself walking through the new hospital near my home. It’s very futuristic and with The Island still fresh in my mind, I walked down a long corridor until I could smell an almost overpowering smell of coffee. I thought, “That will be my clone making it’s escape!” The smell of coffee came from a Costa Coffee franchise in the hospital, but the seeds of comedy were planted in my mind. Do you remember Dolly the Sheep who aged faster than normal? I decided my fictional clone had aged twice as fast as normal too and lived with lots of hot nurses in the basement of the hospital. He would be only 8 years old, but with the body of a 16 year old and be going through puberty! The clone stories as they became to be known were funny and interesting. I named my clone, Michael. Well I would wouldn’t I? He is institutionalised and afraid to leave the hospital, but has now found out about the cafe, Costa coffee, the supermarket and wants his own card for the cash machine!

My inspiration for today’s blog about writing was supposed to be that photograph I started with. It has done nothing for me so far… Maybe, I need another trip to hospital?

To write comedy, you often have to take an idea, think about it in quite an absurd way, add some exaggeration and see where the idea goes. Comedy is also about being clever with words. You can write about anything if you can see the funny side of life. I watched the BBC Proms the other night. The usual stuff on the last night, Land of Hope and Glory and God save the Queer. They say the proms has been ‘dumbed down’ in recent years. They mean they have been playing more popular music. The BBC specialise in the bleeding unpopular. Then they put crap on like Eastenders. I was watching a programme about deprivation on a council housing estate up north, last night. They asked a woman about getting a job, she said, “You’re having a larff.” She watches too much Eastenders. If she had said, “You’re having a laff, chuck”, we could have blamed Corrie too. I blame Eastenders and Corrie for most of societies ills, especially fake tans, fake eyelashes and tattoos. I see MP’s with them now, although they have their tattoos discretely hidden, usually just below the navel (so I’ve been told).

I’ve written over 600 words which isn’t bad considering I had no inspiration. Next time, you can’t think what to write a blog about or have writer’s block; just choose a picture to start your blog and then ignore it and write the first thing that comes into your head.

I still need writers for this blog, if you’re an aspiring writer or photographer, get in touch; the email address is in the sidebar. Everyone has to start somewhere and with a bit of practice, you might be able to knock out over a 1,000 words a day without much trouble. It just takes practice and a little confidence. Comment if you have something to say and you can always ask a question. There are more blogs on the home page as usual.

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