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How to write fiction – life inspires art.


Writing a work of fiction is producing a work of art and it needs inspiration. I went out taking photographs again yesterday and ended up at the lake in the picture photographing the wildlife. It hasn’t really inspired me to write but if you read any novel by a famous writer they appear to be inspired by what they see and the people they meet. If I wanted to write a story based in the English countryside, I would certainly spend some time there.  I read a novel not long ago set in a Yorkshire village and although I’ve never been to Yorkshire the description of the village was enough for me to imagine what it would be like. The image that the writer projects however is combined in my mind with everything else I know about Yorkshire villages.

As writers we inspire the readers, we fire their imaginations and they not only see what we want them to see, but we are part of a mosaic of ideas that contribute to their imagination. If we mention a country pub, they will read our description, but they will combine with that their own personal experiences of country pubs. If we are describing something that the reader is probably familiar with, then a brief description will suffice, because their imagination will do the rest. If we are describing an alien spacecraft, we might need to be more inventive and detailed with our description. I remember one alien space craft in science fiction being called a ‘bird of prey’ and looking like a ‘bird of prey’. That would help the reader to imagine what it looked like.

It helps a lot when you are writing fiction to talk about it. People will add to your ideas and I have even had other people write a couple of paragraphs for me to add to a story. The people you talk to will also give you some idea whether your story is too way out or just about plausible. If you are writing comedy, you can test the funny lines out on other people and get their reactions to funny lines.

These days, you can become quite well known on the internet. This blog doesn’t yet have page rank on the search engines, but in the past month has been read in over 50 different countries. My WordPress blog has more content and is read in 80 different countries and has a reasonable page rank on Google. We have to become well known, because people buy novels written by authors they have at least heard of. A website or preferably a content management system like WordPress is essential for a writer or anyone else trying to do something artistic. We have to learn about social media, many of my readers come via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We also have to learn about search engines, Google analytics, Search engine optimisation and a whole host of other stuff. Before I post this blog, I’ll be checking the HTML for errors and I also have to understand a little about WordPress. When you write a novel, you also need to know about publishing and a little about printing. You also need an editor and you have to become your own editor constantly checking for errors.

You can’t write a novel in a day either and so you need patience. Novels are often turned into scripts for films and so it helps to understand the film industry a little too. Taking the time to write a novel often means committing to doing a year of work not knowing if the result will be any good or not. So you need commitment and confidence in the standard of your work.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog. There are more to inspire you on the Home Page.

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