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I have written a novel, I write blogs and just about anything else I need to. I have written letters, emails and CV’s and attach the same importance to all of them. Even when I write an email, it can be showcasing my work to someone. I add hypertext links quite often to my blogs and internet profiles. This is my second blog this morning, the last one didn’t go well because the HTML was messed up for some reason. I need to know HTML, social networking, WordPress and much more besides to write these days!

They say writers and artists are more attractive to the opposite sex; I haven’t noticed! I think writers do enjoy some privileges, we seem to be more accepted by people. Writers can be eccentric too and have different ideas to other people. You do need a basic understanding of English grammar and I think if you read a lot it helps. I mean reading books and perhaps magazines rather than newspapers. Some newspapers are quality and the writing can be good, but some use sensationalist headlines and do little more than purvey gossip.

You can improve your writing by taking some pride in it. Write everything with care, even emails and keep practising the craft. Often you have something to say and so try to sell your ideas to your readers. Will your readers accept your ideas? If you are writing fiction and use something like ‘beam me up, Scotty’ to denote someone being teleported from one place to another. Is that plausible or ridiculous? It could sound ridiculous if the concept of teleportation hadn’t been used before and wasn’t accepted by science fiction readers, but now it sounds quite plausible. The same can be said of non fiction writing. If someone is putting forward an opinion, that opinion must sound plausible and not too far fetched. If two opinions are put forward that oppose each other then it’s the more plausible one that people will believe.

Are the rich suffering in this recession? Plausible? I think not.

Can the government spend it’s way out of recession? Plausible? I think not.

Is there too much immigration into the UK? Plausible? I think so if you live in a inner city, but not if you live in a nice suburban environment where you rarely see immigrants.

Plausibility can depends on the environment and past experiences of the reader and so writers have to write to their particular genre or  generalise so as to try to please a wide section of their audience.

Writers also have other problems, distractions or writer’s block, when they can’t think what to write and feel uninspired. I often lie awake at night thinking through something I intend to write the next day. I have thought for hours about a few sentences, trying to get them just right, when I’m writing comedy.

It helps to have an editor to read through your work and correct any mistakes that you’ve missed. Now however, many writers are the editor and in my case the photographer too.

If you would like to try writing a blog about a subject that you know quite well; I need guest writers. You are welcome to submit a blog and if it’s reasonable and you have good ideas; I’ll edit it and publish it on A Zillion Ideas. I still do guest blogs and I was doing one a day at the beginning of last year. It can be a good way of learning about writing and getting some experience. You can also put that you are a contributor to  on your CV!

Today I wrote blog on my WordPress blog about writing a novel that you might want to check out. There are also more blogs on the Home Page.


2 Responses

  1. Nice article,and informative, and may I add writing is also the easy part – the editing is what is killing.

    I am still new in blogging world and writing is what I do which is my work and passion – stories and poems in spare time, while business stuff while working. It will be great if you can check wheather I can be your guest blog contributer.

    April 19, 2012 at 16:48

  2. Hi Fairy,

    Glad you like it. You can submit a guest blog with out without photos by writing it with Word or some other word processor like the Works one. I will read it with Word. Just sent it to Mike (@) and I will check it and edit it. If it’s suitable I’ll publish it, if not I’ll reply and tell you why not. The theme of the site is ideas and so an idea would be good, but anything that you really know about will do it.

    I do photography, writing, art, psychology, cooking, thrifty and frugal living, finance and anything else I can think of. You can try fiction or poetry but business might be better.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

    April 19, 2012 at 19:33

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