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How Visual Merchandising Can Boost Your Sales

A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

So you have finally opened your dream store. Everything is in place. The finance part, the advertising part and every little minute detail you needed for incepting your store is complete. You advertised in your own way in the local newspaper and on the radio station or the old and traditionally famous word of mouth concept is working its magic. You place every item you wanted in place. Now you are waiting for customers to come in to your store. You think now all you have to hear is your cash box registering.

But wait; before changing the sign to “Open” you need to consider the concept of Visual Merchandising which all major brands and retailers are adopting to remain up to date these days. In this world of cut throat competition, we need to constantly invent or reinvent ourselves in to the public eye. So let the concept of Visual Merchandising help you with your sales. Let us first answer the basic question of; what is Visual Merchandising?

Visual Merchandising is displaying your items in such a way that they are not only attractive to look at, but they are unique, beautiful and rare. They have that individuality in them that draws them near to customers and which ultimately makes them connect with the store. Visual Merchandising is selling an experience of shopping to the customers.

Visual Merchandising is fast gaining popularity due to its facilitating increased sales volume. Retailers and brands are now realising the importance of the sense of sight and opting for Visual Merchandising in order to connect with the customers through direct contact with the merchandise.

As the major role of Visual Merchandising is to maintain good store image through arts and graphic design, the objective of Visual Merchandising in the end is all about increasing the stores incoming traffic.

Let us get to know how visual merchandising helps in boosting sales through simple three reasons.

1. Human beings nature is to follow “to see is to believe” principal. As our attention can be easily captured through what is beautiful, unique and rare, we can easily cash in on this tendency to attract customers and give them what they want in an unusual but tasteful fashion. Retailers can therefore use multimedia and interactive displays to capture combination of different senses and apply sensory inputs through visual merchandising.

2. Visual Merchandising is known as the silent sales man and hence there should be a connection with the customers which only a visual merchandising can offer. Through visual merchandising customers understand the information about products, luring them in to the store and finally making them purchase the item.

3. Visual Merchandising helps customers feel important while making decisions during purchasing any item, as Visual Merchandising acts as a silent sales man, customers feel more confident about the chosen product and why they purchased the product in first place. The store front lighting, music, ambience determines everything that a customer feels or may feel while entering the store; and while putting their first foot in store, every minute detail about the store is unconsciously registered in their brain which ultimately determines any purchase taken place.

Visual mechanising is about creating an experience to market products and can be applied in many settings. Make it look appealing and customers will buy.

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