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I might not be Einstein…

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but I know a bit about relativity…

If I’m driving down the the motorway doing 70 and someone whizzes past me; I know he’s going relatively faster than I am! Faster, slower; bigger, smaller; higher, lower; it’s all relative. Einstein understood that. He probably understood economics too. Economics is relative; some prices are high, some low…

The French government want the French to spend more money on French goods and less on cheap imported goods? A lot of French goods are relatively expensive compared to the comparatively cheap goods from developing countries. France has relatively high costs and taxes. I suppose they could tax imported goods more and French goods less and then imported goods would be relatively more expensive…

The value of the Euro or for that matter the pound sterling is relative to the value of other currencies. There are traders and speculators who make a living out of trading currencies. The value of the pound is relative to the value of the euro, the US dollar and all other currencies. The value of the pound is measured by how much stuff it will buy, which is less than last year. So the value today is relative to it’s value in the past; it’s relatively worth less now than last year.

Even our position in society is relative. We talk about classes of people, with some people being in more affluent groups than others. It’s not just money that puts you in a relatively higher or lower class though. It’s also culture, or relative lack of culture that decides your position in society. Even breeding appears to have a bearing on where you are in the pecking order.

Life is relative really, some of us are tall, some short; some fat and some thin. Relativity dominates our existence. No wonder Einstein had a theory about it.

So there you have it; life is relative or could it be absolute? Absolutely alive or absolutely dead?

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