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A Featured post by Mike Maynard (editor).

I like this photo, it looks like they are suspended in mid-air. I took a few photos last weekend at Tipton Carnival and was hoping to photograph Willenhall Carnival yesterday, but the rain came…

Good ideas

Instead of photographing a carnival, I spent the day working on my laptop and reading about history. I kept getting the ‘black screen of death’ after I clicked on something to check my hard drive. I also found I had 100 Gb of data files hidden on my hard drive. In the end I wiped the lot and reinstalled Windows and then moved everything onto a new Solid state drive. I now have a really fast laptop and 400Gb of free space with two external drive of 500Gb and 1 Tb and a flash drive of 128Gb with my music on! Installing software is quick, downloading is quick even just loading a internet page is quick! I have changed my blogging too and now have nearly 100 Gb of server space to store my photos which I can now upload more easily and multiple pictures at a time. It’s all very cool and organised. The SSD was a good idea!

I think I must get my car organised now. I have it serviced and I had new brakes and tyres, but need the alarm fixed.

Life is like that, it gets messy and you just need to sort it out and sometimes start again. We can’t be reborn of course, but we can change our philosophy of life and change how we live it. We can consider what we don’t like and what we do like about our lives and do more for the stuff we like. That make sense doesn’t it? That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Another of my good ideas!

At the end of March I bought some shares in a small pharmaceutical company. I don’t normally say how much I invest in my blog posts, but I will this time. I only invested just over £300, that’s $500 to my American readers. It’s not a large amount is it? I did a bit of research into what the company is doing. They have developed a drug that is basically a new inhaler for people with breathing problems and it’s being tested now. I bought 10,000 shares at 3p each. They went to 6.5p this week, so I can make over £300 if I sold them. To someone on welfare benefits  that’s a lot of money; to some it’s a month’s income. Many people working would like £300 extra in discretionary income (income left for luxuries). So why don’t ordinary people invest their money? Part of the problem is education, we need to teach investing as part of maths in schools. I also heard from one of the students I was helping last year. She stayed with me for a couple of weeks in February and I showed her what I was doing and explained my investment strategy. She now in Shanghai and she has made the equivalent of £300 too, on the Chinese stock market. That’s more than she earns. My ideas are tried and tested!

The class system in Britain is alive and well and the dealers in the City of London are all now quite ‘upper’ class posh boys. They don’t do a very good job and those investment bankers get the super-duper bonuses. They aren’t very good are they? The money that the government put in to RBS seems to be lost forever. They get the right kind of education, supposedly, but my return on  investments over the past few years has been double what they manage, but I don’t get the million quid bonus! They say a good company runs itself, yet the posh boys with their private education and Oxbridge credentials get paid millions to sit behind a desk and tell others to do the work. They tell us to aspire to be like them; greedy and deluded. They have no idea, do they?

That’s all for today. The weather seems changeable. I don’t know whether I’ll be out taking photos today or not. I hope it goes nice this afternoon. Remember you can subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar and we’ll send you an email every time there is a new post. You can also follow me on Twitter. You can comment and share your views and ideas too. My post tomorrow will be about ‘life’.

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