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Ideas for composition #photography

The composition is important in photography at all levels. It is the first thing you learn about. It is also fun to experiment with composition and try something new to see if it works. When we look at a photograph we make comparisons. Although the photograph itself is flat we see a landscape that has depth and we see the scene going away from us. We unconsciously compare the size of different things in the picture and assess how far away things are. We see things in the foreground as being closer to us because of their size relative to similar things in the background.


Relative size

In this picture, we can see several cars and we know which are closer to the camera by comparing their relative size on the image. In reality, they are all similar in size but the one in the foreground takes up more space on our image. The subject of my photo is the clock tower and the road between the camera and the subject is an open space giving the image a feeling of spaciousness. There are quite pronounced shadows giving the clock tower and the cars form. You can see clearly that the clock tower is a three-dimensional structure. The bright sunlight is reflected from the silver car and gives the whole image quite a positive feel.

Conservation zone trees

Conservation zone

This image is a little flat. I’ve shot the image to get a good view of the shops and I wanted to show the detail. The trees in this image are important too. Our conservation zone is going to e renovated and these images can show what works and what needs to change. This image shows well-designed shop fronts, well-maintained buildings, trees to add a natural look to the view and there is even a litter bin to cut down on litter. The image says something important. The composition doesn’t give the image a lot of depth but there is enough and it’s fairly well balanced.

The bypass


The bus stop in this image gives it a lot of depth and the subject is the cinema in the background. There is a lot to look at in this image and the railings on the right give a lead in to my subject. Leading lines are useful for leading in to the subject. It is important to experiment with composition and to see what works and what doesn’t. A useful feature on my Nikon D750 is an indicator to help me get my camera level. Often if the camera isn’t level the image doesn’t look quite right. Pointing the camera upwards (or downwards) can sometimes distort things like lampposts. If your camera is tilted to the side and tilted upwards the image can look quite strange. Experiment with your composition and work out some basic rules that give a pleasing image.

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