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Ideas for the future #Sundayramble

As always on a Sunday morning, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’ve just done the last daily challenge from 64 Million Artists. Now we will have weekly challenges to do. It keeps my mind active and challenges me to think laterally. Creativity has become important to me in recent years. We have to be creative to produce anything and being able to be creative helps us solve problems too.

ideas for the future


I’m looking forward to spring so I can go out and take photographs. I was in the garden yesterday but wasn’t out in the cold for long. I seem to feel the cold more now. It must be my age! I have had a migraine for the past 6 days too. I think the stress associated with being isolated is getting to me a bit. We must look forward and not back, spring is only 8 weeks away!

Ideas for the future

I have a few ideas for the future. I bought a nice picture frame a couple of weeks ago and so I might do some prints and frame them. The plain walls of my bedroom need a little art to make the room look finished. I might change the pictures in my living room too. The art that we own and display says a lot about us. We have to live with it so we should make an effort to display something that is really good and make our home a nicer place to live.


Covid is putting the brakes on our lives. I think lots of people want to go to the pub or book their holidays but have put their plans on hold. We all have ideas for the future but have to wait. The Commonwealth games will probably be postponed, as will many more events. We simply can’t make firm plans until we see if the transmission of the virus is limited after we get vaccinated. In the US, they plan to vaccinate everyone but the decision on children hasn’t been made yet in this country. Children do carry the virus but the data needs to be analysed to see how many have been ill as a result of the virus. We also have to find out if the vaccines are safe for children. If the virus mutates and a new variant affects young people and children more that would affect that decision too. We need to be ready for any eventuality.

 Major problems

The pandemic is a major problem. Governments tend not to plan for major problems because they think they will never happen. We need to plan for other major problems like the effects of climate change. We need to take potential problems seriously. Whether it is climate change or nuclear war, this pandemic has taught us that catastrophes can happen.

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