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I designed a new banner for our Facebook history page this morning. Social media is all about engaging with members or fans and keeping interest alive. It’s the same if you run a community group or a small business.

You can say a lot with an image and also with words, if you show don’t tell. Show don’t tell, is what fiction writers learn to do. Rather than telling people about something, you describe the scene and show them what you imagine in your mind.

If we combine written descriptions with images, then we have a powerful set of images that can be used to promote just about anything. If we add the power of social media; Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, then just about everyone has the power to influence the community they live in.

 Here I’ve combined the Black Country flag with a little text of my own to create a flag symbolic of Wednesbury where I live. It’s a simple message, but quite effective, it got a lot of ‘likes’ on Facebook.

This image is a photo I took at the fun day at the weekend. There are no words, but there is still a message. It will be a reminder of the event and help make the next one more popular. I’ll reuse these pictures periodically to remind people too.

The other way to promote something and perhaps bring together communities in a common aim, is with a blog like this one. You can combine all the threads of a marketing campaign into one message. Links from Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook can all point to a blog post giving interested parties more information.

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