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Images from the past #ramble #Wednesbury

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. I’m late, I used to write this as my Sunday lunch was cooking and then it got earlier and earlier and now I’m back to writing at near lunchtime. I have been remembering a little of my earlier life the past few days doing the History of Wednesbury. I also met a friend from my school days who bought 50 sets of art cards to sell at the rugby club. Yes, I’m still trying to make my little art project a success. I’m trying to work out which images from the past people most identify with.

images from the past

Images from the past

This is a modern colour photo and one of the images I used for my art cards. It features two listed buildings that both have a history and so they are images from the past that people can identify with but in a modern setting. This is what I want, images from the past that people can identify with but in a really great photo! I have been thinking about other subjects that I might photograph for the art cards of the future and I might even venture out of Wednesbury and photograph scenes with historical significance in other towns. I would like to photograph the Farley Tower at Carter’s Green in West Bromwich when I have really good light again. I think that would make a good card but how would I sell or distribute the cards? I need someone to give me a commission!

Rugby Club

I was suffering the tail end of a migraine when I went to the rugby club but still enjoyed having a chat and a drink. I’ll pop back at some time, perhaps when there’s a match on. I won’t photograph the match, it’s far too cold over there in winter.


I’ve decided to photograph the remembrance parade. I’ll don full thermal gear if it’s cold and see how I get on. It can be a dry run for the Christmas lights switch-on. I’m not doing that this year unless I can stay reasonably warm, I froze last year.

New ideas

I am getting new ideas in relation to events and perhaps strange ideas. I think it is looking at the work of well-known photographers and their quest for something different. There will be a Safer Six event soon and rather than use my usual 18 – 105 lens, I’m going with a 55 – 300 mm. I’ll see if I can get some interesting candid shot of the people milling around. I’ll do something similar for the remembrance day parade. I don’t think I can use the 300 mm lens for the Christmas lights switch-on, though. I wish that was on Saturday and much earlier. I have to cope with traffic trying to get there, then the cold weather and falling temperature, the almost total lack of light and so I have to wonder, is it worth it?

Anyway, there are a few buildings around Wednesbury that might count as images from the past if I photograph them. The pubs are an obvious choice but there is also the lodge in the park and bandstand. The coach house on Walsall Street might be worth looking at in a good light as well. I could probably get a good picture of Hydes Pool for an art card too and maybe the River Tame lined with spring flowers. I’ll keep on trying to get images that people will identify with.

I’ll end with some images of Wednesbury and beyond. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or look for links to the latest posts on my Facebook page.

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