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Merry Christmas santa

It doesn’t matter who is playing Santa, we all recognise the familiar red suit and white beard. It’s an image that children soon learn is associated with Christmas. Children have an inborn ability to recognise images and the faces of their parents. This is important for their safety and security.

There are other images associated with Christmas, coloured Christmas lights and brightly coloured packaging. The traditional images often have a Victorian theme or even a medieval theme using holly and ivy as decorations.

The music of Christmas adds to the magic, that is the Christmas image. The television schedules tend to be dominated with images of Christmas. The re-showing of Love Actually and Dickensian films such as  A Christmas Carol from 1843 still entertain. The traditional food is also served and in the UK nearly all Christmas lunches will serve turkey. There will be Christmas sweaters worn on Christmas day and all these components will come together to make Christmas a special time of the year.

Christmas is a religious festival too and I went to a Christmas tree festival at the local church to take photographs of the Christmas trees and the church which is a symbol of the Christian religion that stands in an imposing position high above the town.

These images are not only visual, they bombard all our senses. The sense of smell is particularly important, as is the ability to touch and to taste. The visual images go with the audible images that make us want to see Christmas lights and hear the Christmas songs. It is the images that make it Christmas.

There are other images that we see, touch and hear that are less attractive. We need to be aware of the emotional effect on us and on others. The beauty of Christmas lifts our mood, but there are ugly images that make us feel depressed too. In the greyness of winter, the Christmas images lift our mood and makes the cold dark days of winter more tolerable.

We as individuals have an image too. We can project an image that lifts people’s spirits and makes them feel secure or we can project an image that is threatening. In an unstable world, we can all do a little to project reassuring images and make the world feel safer. A friendly image can also help people become more successful in life. Santa isn’t doing too badly!

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