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Images of the present #photography

I’ve decided to photograph some buildings before they are lost to progress and also what’s left of some of our industry. Photography is about recording images of the present that do eventually become images of the past. I started with this building that used to be the offices of the Rubery Owen’s empire.

Images of the present


They have tried to make it vandal-proof by covering the windows and giving it a roller door which has spoiled a fine building. It is in an area of town that is industrial and neglected so it is understandable. The light was poor so I increased the ISO to 400 and shot on aperture priority. I was zoomed out at 18mm so didn’t need a particularly fast shutter speed. I managed to get 1/50 of a second which was fine. Then I drove to Tipton to photograph an industrial scene.


Colour on a grey day

I wanted the colour because it was such a grey day. It was much lighter and so I took this shot with the ISO set at 100. The light must have changed because I only got 1/20 of a second on aperture priority. I should have kept checking the light but it was cold and I just carried on shooting. This was shot at 18mm and so it is a good idea to double that number, i.e. 36 and then aim for 1/36 of a second or better.



The patterns make this image look clear and sharp but it is zoomed in at 32mm and I shot it at 1/25th of a second. I held the camera fairly still so it doesn’t look blurred but it would have been a lot sharper with a faster shutter speed. I should have raised the ISO to 200 or even 400. You can see the sun breaking through the clouds a little so on a clear day, this shot might be shooting into the sun. I will go back and take these shots again when the light is better.

Images of the present

These images of the present will become images of the past and so we need to capture them today. I’ve bought two flash drives, one is a 2 Tb drive that I’m using to archive video and the other is a 1 Tb drive I’m using for my photos. I’ll put 2 copies of these photos on, the original and smaller resized copy. The set of photos will get reduced so I have the better ones in my archive so the whole set will be about 500 Mb. If I keep storing 2 Gb a month, my 1 Tb flash drive will last 40 years!

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