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Imagination, writing and inspiration

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Achieve something with writing

I took this photograph last Sunday and then for a bit of fun, turned it into a book cover. I was inspired by the photograph to do a book cover and the book cover could now inspire me to actually write the story. Whatever, you want to write, you need inspiration, imagination and a goal. You might want to achieve something, like getting a job.

Enchant them

When we write non-fiction, we are usually trying to get across a message. When we write fiction we are trying to tell a story, a story that has a conclusion. We need to start with an introduction, tell the reader what it’s all about. Maybe, if it’s a letter, you can tell the reader why you’re writing to them. It could be a letter to ‘who it may concern’, if it’s quite general.

Someone once said that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’, in fact it was called  ‘The arch-enchanters wand!’ We can enchant people with words. We have to be quite skilful about it. If you are trying to impress a prospective employer, don’t brag about your abilities, be subtle. You should enchant them with your words; conjure up an image, don’t just list facts.

I try to set an example to my colleagues. When I have been in a position of authority, I’ve tried to lead by example and show people the way rather than tell them the way. 

Subtly suggest

You can suggest things when you write, again be subtle.

I didn’t enjoy my three weeks in hospital, but every cloud has a silver lining. After three weeks of lying in bed doing very little, I couldn’t wait to get back to work.  I missed having a few beers in the evening  at first, but now I realise I feel so much better without it. I came home feeling reborn, as if I had a new lease of life. Now I get up looking forward to the day and can be far more positive and productive in my work.

What do you think from this description? Does it describe someone that you would employ? It’s not too direct, it describes someone who overcome diversity, but it doesn’t give details. It promotes a positive message, but it’s also human. Who doesn’t have the odd drink to relax?

When we are writing fiction, we can be subtle and add some facts about the story as a sort of after-thought. Just gently suggesting some things to the reader.

Jason walked down the dark, wet alleyway towards his motor cycle, pulling on his gloves as he drew near. Dressed in black leathers from head to toe and wearing a black crash helmet, he looked a threatening figure in the glow of the street lamp. His motorcycle roared into action and he sped away heading out of town towards the free-way.

Describe the scene

I’ve tried to describe the scene and make it appear dark and a little mysterious. It isn’t too accurate, but it doesn’t matter as long as the reader gets the picture.

Sometimes it’s better not to go into too much detail especially when writing a job application. You need to keep documents short, but create an impression.

Although my experience in catering management is limited, I think it adds to the overall experience gained in many other roles over the years. I think of it as being part of a diverse history of different experiences that have given me the ability to adapt to different roles depending on the work that I’m doing at the time.

Choose the right words

Choosing the right words to express yourself is important and so improving your vocabulary might help you write better. Avoid trendy words and words that are made up; if you want to be taken seriously.

I hope this post about writing helps you write your covering letter for a job better, or that short story or even a blog. Please comment if you have a question and as usual there are more blogs on the home page.

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