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Imagine an image #ramble

I write a lot and post images of the town I live in and the Black Country. I try to promote the area in a positive way. I know it’s shallow just to judge people and places by the way they look, but that is what many people do. First impressions are important as young people going out looking for a job know.

We have to imagine an image and then try to create it. That might be an image for ourselves, a group or a town. The town I live in is getting an image of closed down pubs, shops and historic buildings. It’s no good ignoring that and so I try to highlight it, but also photograph the good things so they contrast with each other.

We do have the canal and some beautiful landscapes that people don’t see because they don’t look for them. I was reminded this week about how scary it can be going to these lonely places. Why are they so lonely? Why do people not bother to walk and enjoy natural beauty anymore. On a Sunday afternoon when I’m out strolling around canals, rivers and lakes what are the normal people doing? Do they all watch the EastEnders omnibus edition? Is that still on?

We have to imagine something better than what we have. Imagine wonderful theatres showing pantomimes at Christmas and excited children storing memories that will last them a lifetime. If we can imagine it we can make it a reality.

We tend to forget as adults the excitement we felt as children when things we had only seen on television come to life, before our very eyes. We can’t imagine anymore the childhood pleasure of just running free in a wide open space on a summer’s day.

Do you remember that? Do you remember summer ice creams and winter snow? Even snowball fights and building a snowman can help children store away happy memories that will serve them a lifetime.

I’ll end with some more images to fire your imagination, so you can imagine even more. If you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or you can simply follow me on Twitter for updates.

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