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Importing directly to save money #thrifty

Many international companies now advertise on Ebay and sell through Amazon. You can save a lot of money by importing direct from places like Hong Kong and China. Some of the firms even have a UK warehouse for returns and a UK telephone number for enquiries. The pound has fallen since the Brexit vote so you don’t save so much now but I bought a new hat for a few quid via Amazon and it is great quality. It was sent directly from Shanghai!


Importing risk

There is a risk to importing direct but you are safe importing via Amazon. Ebay should have a guarantee and you can claim if you have paid through PayPal. If you are buying direct from a website like then be aware that there is no address on the website and similar websites have suddenly disappeared as quickly as they have appeared. There is even a Facebook page claiming Rose Wholesale is a scam. Most of those complaints are from customers in the United States and they have been charged extra for import duty, which might apply. There are complaints about the dresses they sell for £20 being faked copies. They didn’t think they were genuine £500 dressed for £20 did they?

Credit card

I bought my camera from Digitalrev in Hong Kong. They have been around since 2003 and have a decent reputation. Their address is also on the website which is a good sign. They make videos for photographers and operate a sort of social media presence for photographers too. They aren’t as cheap now as they were but that could just be the low value of the pound. I bought most of my lenses from Expedite Electronics and saved hundred of pounds but they have now disappeared. So  companies can just disappear and your warranty disappears with them, if not your money if your order has just been made. You can protect yourself when making purchases over £100 by paying by credit card and then if something goes wrong make a claim against your credit card company. You might be able to use charge-back if you paid by debit card and your importing goes wrong, contact your card provider.


Amazon prices can vary on the same site. They have a Nikon store and the prices can be higher for the same products. They even drop prices sometimes after you have shown an interest and added the item to your wish list.

Whether you are importing through Amazon, Ebay or direct be aware of the risks. You can save pounds but can lose pounds too if things go wrong. As always, buyer beware!

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