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What do you think of today’s photo? Are you impressed? Probably not, we have to do something outstanding these days to impress people. We do need to impress people, to gain some recognition that we are worthwhile.

Delusions of grandeur

Some people do have delusions of grandeur and think they have impressed people and are gaining recognition when in reality they just evoked envy or jealousy.  They often think expensive clothes and a home with a block paved drive impresses people. It doesn’t really does it?


Yes, I have a few awards for writing and I was a finalist in a photography competition. Are you impressed? Most people wouldn’t be, after all, writing and photography is what I do, so it would be surprising if I didn’t get some recognition.

The little things

I used to help students and after they graduated one came to stay with me. I took her to the bank and then we went shopping. As we approached one shop, I saw someone begging outside. I paused and gave him a quid, he looked gaunt and hungry. That wasn’t meant to be impressive, but my companion was impressed. I think most times when I have had genuine praise for doing things, it has been for small acts of generosity. Kind words are also acts of generosity that find genuine appreciation.


We can sometimes be recognised by a whole community for acts of generosity and kind words. Just believing in people leads to generous actions and kind words. I know that guy on the street begging has a drink problem, who wouldn’t with no home to go to? My money might go towards a can of strong cider to numb the feelings of isolation that sleeping in a doorway might bring. Many people would blame him for his plight, but I know few people have control over their lives. Even the rich and powerful are not immune to bad days, accidents and disease. The shadow of death follows us all, rich and poor and one day it will catch us.

Are you impressed by today’s post? See if you can do better. Who will  be impressed by your generous spirit today?

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