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Impressions and style


I had some photos printed yesterday and framed some of them. It seems to show them off better now they are framed. Some of them will be mounted on card for a photography competition. Whatever you’re doing to helps to show things at their best. People used to wear their ‘Sunday best’ to church.

Image is still important and it doesn’t just apply to personal appearance, but also to inanimate objects like your resume or even your Facebook page. We do tend to assume a lot about a person based on their appearance or even the language they use. Many people avoid bad language as much as possible to set themselves apart and to give a good impression. In some circles bad language seems to be an advantage, the profanities and obscenities seem to help people fit in rather than create a bad impression.

So creating a good impression or a desirable image is quite complicated. There is such a thing as being too posh when you want to impress ‘ordinary’ people.

There are uniforms to consider too, not just the official ones that the police and armed services wear, but nurses wear a uniform too. Then there are the white overalls of a decorator or the smart suit that indicates one is a professional of some kind. Failure to wear the right ‘uniform’ can undermine people’s confidence.

Then there are the images that are described as ‘cool’ or ‘wicked’. The Fonz in Happy Days wore a leather jacket and jeans, but it was cool. These days the right label and style can be thought of as acceptable or cool. Should we always pander to the acceptable image? Can we decide to have an image that is different as a means of asserting our individuality? I think we can.


Many people buy the top of the range clothes, the accessories and see even a luxury car as an accessory. It costs a fortune, but it impresses people. Doesn’t it? The high society of Paris was once impressed by the clothing and lifestyle of Romany gypsies who they thought had arrived from Bohemia. Many of them decided to give up their way of life and style and become Bohemian and dress down and live more simply enjoying art and music. Impressions can be created or borrowed from other cultures.

It not just image but life style that impresses, image alone, even if it’s cost a fortune, doesn’t always impress.

It’s something to think about. Isn’t it? If you would like to follow this blog and receive an email when there is a new post simply enter you email in the space in the sidebar or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

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