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Improve my life #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, I need a picture for this post to start with! I have been trying to improve my composition. I don’t get it right every time.

improve my composition

Fun Day

I managed to take a few photos at a Fun Day yesterday and then rushed off to my writers’ group meeting in Darlaston which didn’t happen because only two of us turned up and then on to Wednesbury to what I thought would be an event at the Bus station and that must have finished early. I took a few photos of the town centre, instead. The sun was very hot and the light quite harsh for my photos.

Car Boot Sale

I want to go to the car boot sale in the market this morning so I am writing quite quickly. I like to support things and publicise events. I had a letter this week from the hospital listing all my ailments and medication. The lists get longer. I am becoming more and more disabled but I think I have to try my best to get around and do what I can. I have another appointment to see the doctor and I hope one of the medication choices I am going to try will bring some relief. I really want to be able to photograph the carnival in two week’s time.

Healthy lifestyle

We take our health for granted sometimes and perhaps enjoy things like alcohol too much. I’ve cut down to one can of beer a day and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and I’m even trying to get more exercise despite my mobility problems. Everyone is encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles but it never seems to work very well does it?


Besides improving my health, I try to improve my skills such as writing, social media, photography and I try to be an artist. It isn’t easy. I experiment and see what works and improve as I go along. That is what life is about, trying things out to see what works.

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