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Improving your composition #photography

Whatever stage of your photographic journey you’re at, you can always improve your composition. It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap pocket camera or a full frame DSLR, better composition will give you better photos.


Leading lines

In this shot, I have obvious  leading lines going away from the camera. I also have a number of objects that the eye can compare that give the shot depth too. This bridge was built in 1896 and so I was capturing history before the bridge is replaced. I took a few more shots from the side of the bridge but this shot shows the depth of the bridge.



This shot has leading lines too but they’re curved. The depth in this shot mainly comes from the comparison between the cars. The car closest to us appears bigger than those in the background. The lamp posts also give us a sense of the road rising and falling as it comes closer.



This is quite a crowded picture with a lot going on. My subject was the Malt Shovel pub which is where my focus point was. We have curved leading lines again and lots of objects that we can compare. I waited for the ambulance to enter my shot because it added colour to a shot that would have otherwise been dominated by grey.


Making a shot interesting is often a matter of luck. Canal scenes can be predominantly blue and green but if a colourful narrowboat enters the frame we have bright colours to break up the blandness of the shot. In the above example, it was an ambulance that provided interest but you can also watch out for brightly coloured cars and buses when shooting a street scene. People in the scene can also make a scene more interesting especially if they are wearing bright colours. Look for interesting patterns too. My last picture has lots of lines in it too which makes it quite crowded. Be careful with vertical lines, though. If your camera is at an angle upwards the lamp posts will tend to appear to be leaning in your picture. My camera was quite level for that shot and I was zooming in from some distance away.

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