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In search of recognition

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Yesterday I offered readers the opportunity to write for a Zillion Ideas. Most aspiring writers want some recognition. It’s not just writers that need people to pay attention to what they do, but all artists. Whatever we do, whether it’s performing, art or painting pictures with words, we all want recognition.

Social Media

Social media has given us contact with larger numbers of people and you can now share your life and maybe your art with many friends around the world. You can put photos of your life’s events on Facebook to involve your friends in your achievements.

Fan Pages

There are lots of fan pages on Facebook for all sort of things. Artists share their pictures, musicians share their music and companies reach out to their customers. We all contribute in some way to society and social media is a way of advertising our contribution. There are also Facebook groups where you can contact like-minded people.


LinkedIn is a social network that is more professional. It does have a lighter side to it though and in the groups all kinds of subjects are discussed, some serious and some very light hearted.  It is a way of finding recognition in a professional world, again with like-minded people.


You need to communicate with people and that can be done through music or art. I try to do it with the written word. It is a skill you can learn and that’s why I encourage people to have a go at writing for this site. You can also use words to communicate verbally, either in person or on the telephone. That is a skill too and one worth learning. Public speaking also requires a technique and the confidence to communicate with groups of people effectively.

Trying your best

To effectively get recognition, you don’t have to be the best; but you do have to try your best. I read some terrible articles written by professionals (who could do better) and some really great pieces by amateurs trying their best.

Lifelong education

If you commit to education for life, whether it is a commitment to informal learning or a commitment to formal study then you will keep learning. We all have an audience that we want to recognise us. The people who we think judge our abilities. That might be family, friends or colleagues. If we continue to learn and improve they will have to constantly reassess their opinion of us. We can be in a process of continuous change, continuous improvement; we can evolve as people to become better and better. This is what leads to greatness…

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