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Status is so important in Britain. I think it’s because we have Royalty and aristocrats. It isn’t enough to be a ordinary honest person; you have to be a greed driven celebrity these days or you’re nothing. The great and the good have been meeting at Camp David with the President of the United States. They have been talking about the Eurozone crisis and growth. Why growth? Why not sustainability?

They have no chance of real economic growth anyway, it’s all smoke, mirrors and printing money. Most people are saving money, not because they are greedy and want more but because they want security. They are rejecting the consumer society and the greed, the payday loans and the credit cards in favour of being able to sleep at night. Keep chasing growth and trying to keep up with the Joneses just leads to debts and never ending worry. You are always paying the banks, they want  their pound of flesh and will make you miserable to get it. I think it’s mainly bankers wanting high interest rates from the Greek government because of perceived risk that is making the Eurozone  unsustainable. Politicians have worshiped the ‘market philosophy’ for years now, introducing artificial markets into government systems, so they only have themselves to blame for their sleepless nights. Not that politicians have a conscience that might cause sleepless nights. 

We have the Olympic flame being trotted around this week. I wonder how many affordable council houses could have been built where the Olympic village  or the Olympic stadium is? How many hospitals could have been built with the billions the Olympics will cost? How many high street stores would stay in business is people spent their money there instead of on Olympic tickets? How many charities would have liked the National Lottery money that went to training the athletes to jump up and down and run faster?

It’s all about status though, they can say they were Olympic athletes and even those people who carry the flame will be talking about it for years to come, along with the civic dignitaries who will lay on a reception committee for them.

We also have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this year when  the great and good can turn out and parade and remind us ordinary lesser mortals; just how great they are. Titles are so important and never quite good enough unless you are Royalty. The town clerk wants a bigger and better patch to run and the title to match; Chief Executive. Companies now have a Chief Executive, it used to be a managing director, then  the finance director gets a fancy title and a pay rise. The chairman has to be a chair so as not to be sexist and he also gets a pay rise. They appoint a token woman to the board and she gets a pay rise too. Even cleaners now have to go on a course to become hygiene operatives; they don’t get the pay rise though, just minimum wage.

I don’t think all this snobbery is sustainable. It’s not just confined to Britain, our class system might be based on perceived birth rights; but many celebrities weren’t born to it. It seems the ‘gold card’ culture, just believing you are better and believing you deserve more is enough. You can embrace the greedy way of life and improve your status to celebrity just by accepting that others are socially less acceptable than you are. This breed of people has always been around, but now is expanding and using the media to show off their successes. How to exploit, how to be better at the expense of others is the art of the socialite. They are actually proud to be selfish and greedy; they know no shame. They adorn themselves with the trappings, the eyelashes, the tattoos, the jewellery, the designer gear and stubble; but it doesn’t really make them somebody. They are still not born to it. They will never be royalty. They will never know how to behave properly or with grace.

I have a feeling that status is just perceived, the imaginary feeling of self importance. Is that all life is about, putting others down, sitting up high viewing your subjects; waiting for servants to pander to your every whim?  I prefer to have some real respect from people, respect that is earned. I prefer sustainability, security and have no time for ‘robust’ solutions, committees and acronyms.

We all need to remember what is important. People are important, all of them, not just people with a title.

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