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Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen are the Conservative MPs to join the new Independent Group in parliament. That puts the number of MPs in the group at 11 which isn’t enough to make a big difference but at least shows they have principles. They have already been accused of supporting ‘austerity’ and the failed and rejected policies of the past. We can expect a lot of name calling and attacks from both main parties but it is a refreshing change to see some politicians doing what they think is right. It might just be they are making a statement to get in the news, though.

in the news


Today’s picture is of the roadside sales of flowers and garden ornaments by Ivan from Bulgaria. I like Ivan, he is enterprising and trying to make a living. Immigration is putting a big strain on our housing and immigrants from Eastern Europe are exploited local ‘slum lords’. Many from Poland have set up their own Facebook page to highlight how they get ripped off by one such slumlord who charges high rent to substandard property. The EU has a policy of helping the poorer members of the club in the same way as West Germany helped East Germany after unification. That is the right policy not mass migration to richer countries.

A February heat wave?

“The UK will be subjected to an exceptionally warm heat wave over the weekend as a dramatic chart predicts that the nation will shoot over 20 degrees Celsius by Saturday.” That is the prediction of the Daily Express who regularly report weather predictions and regularly report it incorrectly. Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Steve Willington, said: “By the weekend we could see temperatures almost 10 degrees higher than what we might normally expect at this time of year, so there will certainly be a spring-like feel in the air across the country.” Not really a heat wave then but a very welcome rise in daytime temperatures.


There have been more stabbings in the West Midlands including a 16-year-old murdered in Herbert Road, Small Heath. Herbert Road boasts a church, a gospel hall and what looks like a mosque. All that religion and what looks like a nice park too. Would I like to live there? Not a chance…

In the news

Also in the news, the Express and Star report that 100 new homes could be built in Friar Park, Wednesbury on the site of the old Manor High School. There is no mention of the proposed concrete sleeper factory in that report which would be a stone’s throw away. Hopefully, Friar Park will get desperately needed homes and the concrete sleeper factory proposal will be thrown out by councillors.

There’s not much to be happy about in the news but at least the weather forecast for the weekend is good. I’ll be out and about again taking photos! I might even see Ivan the flower seller again. If you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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