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Industrial Images #photography #Blackcountry

There aren’t many industrial scenes left in the Black Country but the ones that are left can provide us with interesting subjects for photography. Industrial images with their unusual patterns and sense of decay against a dark or stormy sky can be quite dramatic.

Industrial images

Patterns and depth

The composition of this image gives it depth and there are a lot of patterns which makes the image more interesting. The canal adds to the sense of depth. It was a dark sky and so I set the ISO at 400.  This shot was at 18mm so despite the cold I didn’t have to worry too much about camera shake. On aperture priority, the camera gave me a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second which was more than fast enough.

Industrial images

Industrial images can be about anything associated with industry and can be old factories with rusting features or new warehousing that just looks interesting.


I’m not looking to create pretty images, I can do that in the summer. I’m looking to capture a little history. One day, all these old factories and industrial scenes will be gone. These industrial images tell a story and now is the time to tell the story before all these industrial scenes disappear.


Modern warehousing is replacing the factories and patterns of steel sheet are replacing the patterns of brickwork but these industrial images although quite stark are still interesting and a part of our history and culture.

If you have a camera, go out and look around and capture those images that you see whether they are scenic landscapes suitable for a picture postcard, people going about their daily lives or industrial images that tell a story. Be part of telling that story.

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