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Industrial scenes and white balance #photography

The light changes all the time and we can set the white balance on a DSLR to suit the light and we can also choose scenes that suit the light. It was a grey light on Sunday because it was quite cloudy and I chose industrial scenes to photograph.

an industrial image

Industrial scenes

I saw this building a couple of years ago from near the 8 locks pub. The building is actually on the side of the canal where the locks take the canal from one level to another. I saw the building again from a gap between a row of Victorian houses and took a few shots.



The patterns make these buildings look interesting. You can see the sky is cloudy in this shot but although it gives a grey cast to the shot, it is an even diffused light. I simply set the white balance for a cloudy sky and I took this shot at f/7.1. I used ISO 400 for these shots and that gave me shutter speeds of over 1/300 of a second. This one was actually 1/800 of a second so faster than it needed to be. The faster shutter speeds helped me to get sharper images.


Shutter speeds

For an industrial landscape like this, you don’t need such fast shutter speeds as you do when you zoom in and camera shake is amplified but you still need to freeze the movement of the trees. The sky actually went lighter as I zoomed out for this shot and so I got 1/1000 of a second. The sun was breaking through the clouds a little which has almost given me a silhouette.


Unusual shots

Most of my shots were usual and so I took this quite unusual shot as well. It isn’t industrial but it does make the most of the railings to give a sense of depth and to give a sharp pattern. I have been in that park and photographed the lodge but this shot makes it look a little more intriguing.

The industry is fast disappearing and so in the future, these pictures will be a rarity. So we need to preserve images of our industrial past while there is still time.

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