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If you read an article in a newspaper, you have no opportunity to put your views, but on a website you can; you can comment. Do they listen though? We bloggers do listen to comments and try our best to be interactive. sold this week for 87 million pounds and so there is hope for this website! I’ve had a WordPress blog on for nearly 2 years and I have posted over 400 blogs. That blog started off slow and I didn’t get any readers hardly for 6 months, this blog is doing much better with 100 posts and has a few readers. The site is only 4 months old and we have readers in 50 different countries, although most readers are in English speaking countries and obviously the top country is usually the UK.

I decided not to bore all the readers by writing about myself, as many bloggers do. I decided to share ideas, my own and other people’s ideas. I’m also sharing my photographs and my ideas about Neodigital Art. Neodigital Art is about using computers and digital devices to create art. We can use computers, digital cameras and scanners and as the art develops, we might be able to use 3D scanners and modelling tools to produce digital sculpture.

Ideas produce change and change can make the world a better place. I wanted more people involved in this website and I do have one guest writer and another thinking about it. I would have liked some people who live local to me, not only writing for the site and taking photographs, but getting involved in reporting change and getting involved in the technical aspects of the site. I have to admit that although I was trained in technology, I find wading through the technical stuff, trying to solve technical problems and learning coding, too much to do alone.  We often do things better collectively, although collective action does require leadership. I would like more writers and they don’t have to be local, you can write a blog that describes an idea and email it to me; I’ll consider it. The guest blogs I am editing now aren’t perfect and probably not perfect after I’ve edited; but it’s a learning process and good ideas are being published as a result.

I would also like people to join the Neodigital Art, school of art and submit pictures to be included in Neodigital Art blogs. This too might be a good opportunity and you can always tell your friends that you’re an artist! Just the status of being a published writer or artist can be a good thing?

You can promote just about anything you want too. If you have an idea for a new invention. Why not blog about it? If you already have a blog and want to guest blog on this site, with a link back to your site. You can do that. If your idea and guest blog is good; I’ll publish! We have to be more careful now with copyrights, I take virtually all my own  photographs or use one with a creative commons licence. I don’t want to be sued for copyright infringement or for libel and so we have to be careful not to libel anyone too. I am irreverent, I might think the Prime Minister is a sandwich short of a picnic, but would never makes accusations!

Smile with tongue out

I think I’m on track anyway and this website is going in the right direction. It can be difficult just getting an idea for a blog; that takes a while and then it takes an hour to write a blog like this. Then there is the photography and finally the editing and publishing. Do you want to get involved? Send me an email! The email address is in the sidebar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


I am also interesting in getting the site sponsored. I don’t intend to put advertising on yet, but might consider it. A suitable graphic link in the sidebar on the right wouldn’t be so bad and there is lots of room. A link to a larger website that would be there for at least a year would be something I might consider. If a camera company asked for a link and let me test a decent camera like a DSLR or smart camera and do reviews and write ups in return for a camera; I would probably go for that! The sponsorship of blogs will get more popular and some companies should start now; especially tech companies. I think many bloggers in the next few years will become bored with it and the dedicated ones will continue. I’ll keep going until I go completely senile!

I hope you have found today’s blog interesting and there are more on the home page. If you want to become involved, the email address is on the contact us page and in the sidebar. Please comment and try to help make the site more successful by sharing with your friends on the social networks. You can also vote for the blog and click ‘like’.

The best thing about blogging is having influence; we have a voice and people listen…

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