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Inner voices #psychology

We all have those inner voices that try to overcome logic and tell us that what we are doing is a great idea despite being against common-sense. More often though those inner voices are giving us warnings of impending doom.

Should we allow our primitive emotions to dictate our behaviour? We  are sophisticated being that can use smartphones and computers. We can think logically and sensibly, so when I’m feeling nervous about a hospital appointment should I stay home or overcome my anxiety? The answer is obvious, I try to overcome those primitive fears or at least accept them and go to the appointment.

Inner Voices

I talked to someone yesterday and those inner alarm bells started ringing before even a word was said. Sometimes, body language can be enough or a person’s attitude towards us to make us suspicious. They betray a person’s lies and deceit. The harder they try to hide the telltale signs of deceit, the more they tend to give away. Should we pay attention when these alarm bells ring? Of course we should, but our response should be considered and not a knee jerk reaction. We need to be in control of our emotions, not allow them to always control us.

Anxiety isn’t the only emotion that we feel as a reaction to the behaviour of others. Sometimes what we see or hear can make us feel sad or depressed. Should we try to overcome this primitive response and look at the facts and make a decision based on logic rather than emotion? Again, we need to pay heed to what we feel and not dismiss it or move on without considering what caused us to feel sad. When we lose someone we care about, for example, we have a right to feel sad and upset. We have invested a lot of time and effort in building a relationship and now it’s gone. We can, however, use our ability to think logically to look not just at the past, but at the future and consider that there will be others that we will care about in the future. We may have lost a relationship, but not the ability to relate to people.

That’s all for today, I hope I have given you something to think about. You can respond to this article by posting a comment in the comments box. You can also follow this blog and receive an email when there are new posts or just follow me on twitter for updates.

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