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Inside the mind of a writer

Inside the mind


I think writers start off young, they are dreamers. They say that most writers who write fiction begin by being day dreamers as children. All children have the time to daydream and to imagine all sorts of things. So I suppose all children have the potential to become some kind of writer.

There are different kinds of writer, fiction and non-fiction, writers who write precise documents detailing the law or some carefully crafted rule book. They need to be adept at attention to detail to write such works. Many fiction writers just need imagination and some experience of life. Humour is difficult for writers, some writers have a format that they follow to get a sense of amusement, others are more creative and experiment more.

In general writers are curious about everything, about life, about people, about places, about science, about the universe; they are curious about everything. They are particularly curious about people and become people watchers; watching their behaviour, their characteristics and their moods.

Writers use words to communicate and so tend to be fascinated with words and are always ready to learn new unfamiliar words to add to their vocabulary. Writers appreciate analogies and use them in their writing. They appreciate the metaphors that make the text more interesting. Writers, learn construction and appreciate the work of the great writers and the way they crafted the great novels of their time.

Inside the mind of the writer, there is a sense of life’s ironies, life’s tragedy and the struggles of mankind to survive. There is a sense of seasons, of change and of man’s ability to overcome difficulties. There is a depressing sense of the realities of life within the minds of writers, but also an optimism that can uplift the reader and make life bearable.

The writer knows what they see isn’t always the whole story. Photographs are a snapshot of life and give an impression, a suggestion of good or of evil; of beauty or of the ugliness that is there, but often ignored. The writer is selective in the words he or she uses to convey a message that isn’t the whole truth, but just a way of looking at life. That way might be a look into the light or a glimpse of the dark side. The writer decides where to the illumination should be. Like the photographer, the writer creates a picture to allow the reader to see a different view of the world or learn something new from a different perspective. Above all, the writer plays with words to create an image.

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