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Instincts and associated tribal behaviour #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’m going to ramble on and share my thoughts. Psychologists study the mind and people’s thoughts and it is a fascinating subject. Our thoughts govern our behaviour but we do some things without thinking. Our instincts govern some behaviour; a child doesn’t need to learn how to cry. Some behaviour appears to be instinctive but isn’t, it is learned like those automated actions we do when riding a bike or driving a car. Some thinking and associated behaviour are tribal, like giving and receiving gifts. Reciprocating gifts is a tribal trait even when the gift is a simple handshake or hug. Reciprocating Christmas and birthday cards is a good example, too.



Complex things go on inside the mind and I’ve been researching instincts and tribal behaviour recently. We automate so much of what we do so we don’t have to think about it. I wonder if Donald Trump reciprocates Christmas cards? I think he does. He isn’t a deep thinker, though. He might reciprocate but he isn’t a generous person so he isn’t the one who initiates. He doesn’t send the first card. Imagine if everyone was like that? If no one was the first one, to send a card or to give a gift. If everyone selfishly thought, no, I’m not going first. There would be no handshakes and there would be no hugs. There would be no surprise gifts and nothing to make occasions special.

Blue Monday

It was blue Monday this week, the most depressing day of the year. I thought the whole week was a bit depressing. My instincts were to stay in bed all week. I had a migraine for three days. I was going to take photos at an event on Friday to protest at the new president’s misogyny; amongst other things. It was a build bridges, not walls protest. I missed it because my nose was blocked and my head ached. I was still unwell on Saturday and clean forgot about going to support another event. I’m still a bit crap but improving so hopefully this week will be better. I know I wasn’t alone in having a bad week, but knowing others were suffering too doesn’t help.

Leaving the tribe

In ancient times, people would leave the tribe and explore, despite the dangers. Their instincts told them to stay within the safety of the tribe but they still left the tribe anyway. This ability to voluntarily put ourselves in danger leads to excitement. Excitement is strange and it can be addictive. Even though we produce the same hormones as when we are afraid, we find a way to overcome our fear and enjoy the experience. These days the rush of an amusement park ride can provoke that surge of adrenalin but in ancient times it would be the thrill the chase as you hunted for food.

What an awful colour

I’ve put the Autotrader app on my phone to help me look for another car. I saw one that was just the one I am looking for but the price was a bit high. Many of them weren’t suitable but made me wonder why people buy cars that are so awful. Some are terrible designs and look awful and then there are the awful colours. Who in their right mind would buy a purple car? I don’t like black or white either. The one I liked was a dark green. My car is a sort of baby blue which I do like. I like the styling of older cars, modern cars look like they were designed by five-year-olds.

I wonder if we learn things like how to ride a bike and then if it is a really useful trait we pass some of the skill onto the next generation genetically. Will future generations find it easier to learn to drive? Will they be better drivers? Nah, they can’t even indicate in time…

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