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Invest and save #thrifty

Multi buys

There are lots of ways to invest and save money. Multi-buys is just one way. In the big supermarkets they often offer three chickens for £10 and offers like that. If you can cook one and freeze the other two, you can save money.

invest and save


Investing in quality tools can save you money too, as long as you know how to use them. I have spent money trying to get my garden done but last month invested in a good quality motor mower that is easy for me to use even though I have health problems. It is not only saving me money but time as well. Other tools that make doing little jobs easier can be a great investment too.

Bulk buying

Bulk buying is good if you can share with friends or there is a product you know will last you years. Savings might appear small but they add up. I tend to buy lots of things to save on time shopping and on petrol getting there. Everything from shampoo and deodorant to stationery gets stored away. I have blank CDs and DVDs that I bought at least a decade ago!


If you have a family, then buying a 25Kg sack of potatoes might be a good idea. You do have to store them somewhere frost-free, but cool. The same applies to other root vegetables and onions. Asian supermarkets often have sacks of potatoes and onions.


If you have to travel a long way to buy something and might need it again, then consider buying more than you’ll need and stock up for the future and save on petrol.

Invest and save

There are lots of things you can invest and save on. I usually have stocks of new clothes such as tee shirts, underwear and socks waiting to be used. I admit though, I’m not too keen on going shopping. I have had clothing sent from Hong Kong. I get what I want and save money as I stock up. Underwear made from bamboo fibre is cool in summer and antibacterial. It’s my new fashion accessory that no one gets to see!

Hobbies and interests

If you’re into any hobby or craft, then bulk buying specialist materials is often a big money saver. Look online for bargains too. Ebay has lots of unusual products that are hard to find on the High Street. I’ve  recently used Ebay to buy bunting and I got a bargain on good quality memory for my laptop too.

That’s it for this week, keep saving those pennies and pounds! If you would like to follow thing blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You will also find link on my Facebook page.  If you have a invest and save idea, please share it below in the comments box.

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