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Is art an antidote to conflict? #life

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? As always photography, but I’ll be lucky to shoot any pictures today, it’s a bit wet out  there! I have ordered more printing and my next two art cards will be of the Fountain in Tipton and the Red Lion in Darlaston. Maybe they will start selling them in the libraries for me again. If I can only recover my printing costs I’ll keep on doing them. Maybe I’ll do some for West Bromwich next?


Red Lion

They will be printed at A6 and I forgot to crop them to the right aspect ratio. I had to crop a little of the left side of this picture and send it again. I hope it looks OK when it’s printed.

The Fountain

This picture of the Fountain was easier to crop, I just cropped a little from each side. They might sell my art cards in the Tipton libraries, I will have to ask.

An antidote to conflict

There is a lot of conflict in society these days, the government has divided the nation. I’m not sure if art is an antidote to all the conflict but it certainly is a distraction and something else to think about. One of my friends described some of the more moronic of the agitators with strong views as knuckle draggers this week. Jacob Rees-Mogg describes them as pot plants. There are a lot of uneducated people who don’t really know what Brexit is about. They don’t even understand the nature of democracy. Perhaps it should be taught in schools?


Conflict is stressful. You can already see members of parliament starting to suffer the affects of it and worrying about being attacked on the street. It is worse for women and it is, of course, the male members who create most of the conflict. They really need to introduce more rules to govern their own behaviour. They will need on-site therapists and counsellors if they carry on like they have been doing.

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