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Is it plausible? #life

I often find myself asking the question, is it plausible? It can be difficult getting at the truth and we often have to consider which is the most likely possibility. We should look at all the available evidence before we make a judgement but often evidence is not available or covered up. Witnesses to the truth are reluctant to speak. To complicate matters I have recently experienced the concept of plausible deniability when someone who obviously knows the truth claims innocence and denies all knowledge of wrong-doing or incompetence. Making denial plausible seems to be a skill many politicians possess.

is it plausible

The camera doesn’t lie?

The camera doesn’t lie, of course. You can give a false impression with a camera, though. You can point it at the most scenic view and give an impression of peace and tranquillity while the motorcycle roars past behind you.

Is it plausible?

Sometimes people gossip and embellish the truth so much that it is simply a lie. Exaggeration can be ‘the truth’ but told in such a way as to alarm the listener. Then it is meant to deceive and although the words may be true the presentation of the words is false.

I’ve had a few accusations levelled about me in the recent past and I hope people are asking if the claims are plausible because it is hard for them to know the truth. How can you protect yourself against lies and deceit? I think if you have an honest approach to life and avoid exaggeration and embellishment then you will protect your reputation in the face of libellous attacks.


Post-truth is a new term for an era where lies and deceit have become more or less acceptable. Post-truth has become the norm in many spheres of politics and the concept is becoming more widespread and pervasive. Even in local politics, brazen denial seems to be acceptable. Who can one trust?

Actions speak louder than words

In this era of post-truth and plausible deniability, we can still look at people’s actions as a guide to what might be plausible. Surely actions speak volumes about a person’s character and motives? We can also look at their past. The past can reveal shortcomings and wrong-doing. We have to accept that people can change but people filled with hatred for their fellow-man rarely have an epiphany that changes them into a decent human being.

Perhaps we are all capable of descending into the depths and then how do we justify our actions other than employing plausible deniability? We can all be influenced, especially by the media and it can be insidious. We need to choose the media that we allow into our lives and the media that we interact with in this era of interactive social media. Do we need to keep asking the question: is it plausible?

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