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Is it really a bargain? #thrifty

Things might look like bargains in discounters like Aldi, Lidl and Poundland, but they aren’t always a bargain. We should always compare to other stores.


The Aldi super-six this week are carrots (1 Kg), savoy cabbage, baby maris peer potatoes (1 Kg), broccoli, onions (1 Kg) and swede. They are all 39p and great for making autumn casseroles and stews. I had the broccoli and a swede.

Delicious and nourishing stew.

I made a delicious chicken stew this week. I simply cooked some chicken thighs and then removed the chicken from the bones and put back in the saucepan then added mixed herbs and chopped vegetables. The choice of vegetables is important. I used swede, carrots, celery, potato, white cabbage and an onion. You also add salt and pepper to taste. That made 2 meals for me that were packed full of vitamins and really healthy. I had a flu jab this week, so I should be all set for the winter now!


I went to Matalan on Sunday and used my 20% off voucher, which saved me £7.20. I used my phone to display the voucher and the bar code to get the 20% discount. I didn’t get everything I needed, I still have to find some nice shoes. They had some great boots, but I already have some for the winter.

Pound Shops

I went to Poundland on Sunday too. I have a stuffy nose so wanted some vapour drops, they are cheaper than the pharmacist. Stationary is quite good in Poundland too. I wanted hair gel, but they had run out. I bought a couple more picture frames that are really good and they are a bargain.


The son of the creator of Poundland has created an online version called Poundshop. I had a look at the website and there are some genuine bargains. They do have the Alberto Balsam styling gel too.  I don’t think it’s worth ordering unless you buy enough for the free delivery and that might be difficult. Be sure to take account of delivery costs to see if you’re really getting a bargain. I noticed a Lebara sim card for mobile phones. You are better off in this country with a Giff Gaff card, but many international students have Lebara sim cards for phoning home, so it might be worth checking out. Calls to China a few years ago were just 1p a minute, but this country was expensive.


Tesco is trying to be more competitive while still maintaining quality and service. A swede in Tesco is a £1, yet in Aldi is only 39p and they are very big swedes in Aldi. This is one product in isolation. In Tesco, they have a better selection and so not everyone is better off going to Aldi.


I like Amazon, but you have to be careful to check if your offer is a good one. I have a canvas print on order and today they offered me a cheaper one but add the delivery and the price is exactly the same! I have found some products made by Neewer that are much cheaper than the Nikon products for my camera and so I simply search for Neewer and lots of gadgets come up at much better prices.

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