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Is the root of our problems, education?

If I go to a store to buy a computer, the choice of operating systems is very limited. Windows from Microsoft has a virtual monopoly or I could go for a the more expensive computer from Apple. The third option would be an Android PC. All these operating systems come from America.

I have to ask the question. Why are there no European operating systems on these computers? Britain once led the world in engineering and technology, but now we are seeing companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple with virtual monopolies.

Bill Gates started  out learning BASIC, a programming language that was easy to learn. The modern day version isn’t so easy to learn, so why was it changed? Are our young people being taught how to program? I don’t really see any evidence of that.

I do see ‘art’ in art galleries produced by people who want to ‘express’ themselves. Lots of young people want to do ‘media studies’ and spend their working lives updating Facebook pages. Is the government right to make science and maths core subjects in schools? I don’t think everyone is suited to science and maths but we need to have people who understand science and maths, everyone can’t choose soft options.

How can Britain catch up with the rest of the world and become a world leader again? I think the answer does lie in education, but in an advanced form of education. If we are going to teach kids science, then let’s use the latest technology to do it. Don’t tell them about science, show them on a big screen smart TV. We can have experts do lectures that can be recorded and shown in schools and universities around the country. We can have professional presenters to make these lectures. The kids could even watch them at home when they have to have a few days off with a cold.

We do have to ask the question. Do our politicians really want a better-educated population or do they believe in elitism where only their kind and their class get a decent education?

Education has changed with multiple choice questions in examinations and practices that test for knowledge rather than a good memory. Do we need to change it and advance it even more? Do we need to make education available through the mediums of television and the internet? Already there is a lot of information on the internet, but few officially sponsored courses online.

We do have some great educational programmes on television that help people learn about geography and history. We can relax and learn about the natural world at the same time. We even get the odd science programme, but could these programmes be more focused on the needs of a modern society?

Will we ever see a British company that is the equivalent to Microsoft, Apple, Google or Amazon? They have little competition and if British companies are to even try to compete they need educated staff. We are heading towards a global economy that is dominated by a few brands. These companies can literally hold the world to ransom. Microsoft is giving away Windows 10, but if you want a decent copy of Office to run on it be prepared to pay as much for that as a new computer.

I think the root of our economic and social problems in Britain is education. We need better and more accessible education available to all that want it. We need to move away from the elitist attitude of the Oxbridge set and be more inclusive.

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