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Isolation day 13, something to do #photography

I’m on isolation day 13, nearly two weeks already! I’ve been trying to document my isolation in photographs as well as doing the garden and planning how I will survive. I’ve also been planning the future. What will I do when this is all over? I’ll find something to do, maybe something new.

something to do


I’m trying to become more aware of my surroundings and it seems to be working. I spotted these forget-me-nots when I was putting my bin out growing at the side of the path. I was a little nervous about photographing them. I didn’t want anyone walking up to me while I was taking the shot. I ended up taking the shot out of the window with a 28 – 300mm lens. It’s not a bad shot! I cropped it so the flowers were in the top left 1/3 line. I wanted the viewer to get an idea of scale and compare the size of the raindrops with the size of the flowers.We know how big raindrops are, right? My ISO was on 1250 and I shot it at 1/500 of a second. At 300mm that was a good shutter speed.

Something to do

The photography gives me something to do and something to think about. I plan on photographing a model ship today and a mystery item that I can put on Facebook and let people guess what it is! It’s cloudy today but it seems warmer so I’ll do a little more gardening. I’m planning on planting more seed potatoes and later this month I’ll start some runner beans in pots.

Lottery ticket

I won a free lucky dip for tonight’s national lottery draw. If I win I can help get our voluntary group delivering food better organised and help the food bank. I do feel a bit useless locked away from the world. I’d normally try to be more involved in the effort to keep vulnerable people fed.

That’s all for today. I shall keep on finding something to do and I’ll keep on writing about it and sharing my experiences.

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